VPS, 虚拟主机、域名 Offers

[黑色星期五 2018] – 【汇总】VPS, 虚拟主机 & 域名 优惠券!

[黑色星期五 2018] – 【汇总】VPS, 虚拟主机 & 域名 优惠券!

黑色星期五 2018 will be on Friday 23rd 十一月2018. There are big savings on Dedicated, VPS, 虚拟主机, 域名、other products used by Webmaster like VPN, Backup Service, Email Hosting 、much more.  We’d like to collect every 黑色星期五 Offers可用 in this post.

NoteNew list of all VPS, Dedicated & 域名 优惠券 for 网络星期一节日 2018 here:

=> https://yezhu.in/cyber-monday-2018-list-of-vps-hosting-domain-coupons/

黑色星期五 2018 VPS & Cloud 优惠信息

VirMach – Flash Sale! (NEW + HOT)

  • 黑色星期五 Flash Sale Plan => 点此购买
  • KVM 特价机 512: 512MB RAM/ 1x vCPU @ 3GHz/ 10GB SSD (RAID 10)/ 500GB 流量/ 1Gbps uplink/ 1x Dedicated IPv4/ KVM/SolusVM/ Linux Only/ Buffalo, NY/ $12 / year => 点此购买
  • KVM 特价机 1: 1GB RAM/ 1x vCPU @ 3GHz/ 20GB SSD (RAID 10)/ 1TB 流量/ 1Gbps uplink/ 1x Dedicated IPv4/ KVM/SolusVM/ Windows & Linux/ Buffalo, NY/ $24 / year => 点此购买
  • KVM 特价机 2: 2GB RAM/ 1x vCPU @ 3GHz/ 40GB SSD (RAID 10)/ 2TB 流量/ 10Gbps uplink/ 1x Dedicated IPv4/ KVM/SolusVM/ Windows & Linux/ Buffalo, NY/ $36 / year => 点此购买
  • More 黑色星期五 Packages Here

Impact VPS – 优惠40%F NVMe KVM | Double Credits (HOT)

  • KVM2: 2 Cores / 2 GB内存/ 30GB SSD / 2TB 流量 / 1 IPv4 / /64 IPv6 / Internal IP / Seattle, WA or Dallas, TX / Cost: $4.20 per month (with the 40%折扣) =>  点此购买
  • KVM4: 2 Cores / 4 GB内存/ 60GB SSD / 4TB 流量 / 1 IPv4 / /64 IPv6 / Internal IP / Seattle, WA or Dallas, TX / Cost: $8.40 per month (with the 40%折扣) => 点此购买
  • 优惠码: BLACKFRIDAY2018 (优惠40% 永久 on all major product lines 限新客户.) => 点此购买
  • DOUBLE CREDITS: Deposit funds into your account、we will double it, 最高a total of $300 (After opening a ticket to claim the double offer). MUST HAVE AN ACTIVE ORDER BEFORE DEPOSITING. Note account funds are not refundable.

☀ FTPIT.com – 优惠65% all of products (NEW + HOT)

FTPIT.com is having an incredible折扣 on all of products for 黑色星期五. Receive 优惠65% all of products. Use 优惠码: turkey to receive these amazing deals.

=> 点此购买

Yourserver.se – 黑色星期五 / 网络星期一节日 deal (NEW)

优惠50% any annual plan. 优惠券: BLACKFRIDAY => 点此购买

Ramnode -黑色星期五 starts now! (NEW)

Use code BLACK10 to get a $10 credit when ordering any VPS regularly priced at $5 or more. Credit will be added within 24 hours of order completion. Applies once per customer, 新客户 only.

=> 点此购买

CloudCone – Back again with few awesome 黑色星期五 Offers. (NEW)

=> Get deal here

Prometeus – 最高75%折扣. All 优惠券 expire on 2018/11/26. (NEW)

LetBox – 黑色星期五 Exclusive NVMe + Block Storage 

They are happy to provide Exclusive 黑色星期五 Offer very limit supply will expired 24th 十一月2018. All prices for lifetime!

  • Pack1: 1GB Dedicated内存to 2GB内存Double内存Free / 1 x CPU core / 20 NVMe Main Disk / 256GB Block Storage ( Triple Replicated ) / 2TB每月 @ 1 Gbps burstable  / 1x IPv4 /  $3.50每月 / $30 / Year ( $2.5 Per month! ) / 洛杉矶 => 点此购买
  • Pack 2: 2 GB Dedicated内存/ 1 x核CPU to 2 Cores Double core 免费charge / 30 NVMe Main Disk / 256GB Block Storage ( Triple Replicated ) / 3TB每月 @ 1 Gbps burstable  / 1x IPv4 / $5.0每月 / $45 / Year ( **$3.75 Per month! **) / 洛杉矶 => 点此购买

Wishosting Specials 

  • KVM BF 特价机 1: 4 vCPU core AMD Opteron 6128 / 无限 CPU 2GHz / 8GB ECC内存/ 400GB HDD RAID-1 / Unmetered 250Mbps 流量 / 1 IPv4 / DDoS防护 / Location – France / Setup time 最高48 hours / Price – $5.99/mo or $14.99每季度=> 点此购买

SSD Nodes – Save 最高92% on Docker-ready, ultra-flexible KVM servers! 

  • Large: $40/mo $6.99/mo / 8GB内存/ 40GB SSD storage / 1 vCPU / 4TB 流量 => 点此购买
  • X-Large: $80/mo $7.99/mo / 16GB内存/ 80GB SSD storage / 4 vCPU / 8TB 流量 => 点此购买
  • X-Large+: $120/mo $9.99/mo / 24GB内存/ 120GB SSD storage / 4 vCPU / 12TB 流量 => 点此购买
  • 2X-Large: $160/mo $14.99/mo / 32GB内存/ 160GB SSD storage / 4 vCPU / 16TB 流量 => 点此购买

Inception Hosting – Get折扣 & Save BIG!  

Everything from 一次性 run stock clearances, ongoing 特价机 offers、earlybird specials (pre-orders) will be listed here, check back regularly for savings!

(UK Pure NVMe SSD is a pre order to lock in the best possible pricing, the product may take 最高7 days to deliver )

☀ ExtraVM – Happy Thanksgiving! (NEW)

If you want to try out a different service, use code “2U0E9AVMNG” for 优惠50% first month.

=> 点此购买

Some package deals

  • 达拉斯 1GB内存(ECC): 1 Core (Ryzen 2700) / 15GB SSD/ 1TB @ 1Gbps/ 1 IPv4/IPv6/ 10Gbps DDoS防护/ $3.60/mo with WY95SSY0D1 code for 优惠40% 永久 => 点此购买
  • 达拉斯 512MB内存(ECC): 1 Core (Ryzen 2700)/ 7GB SSD/ 500GB @ 1Gbps/ 1 IPv4/IPv6/ 10Gbps DDoS防护/ $2.10/mo with WY95SSY0D1 code for 优惠40% 永久 => 点此购买

☀ AlphaVPS – BF、CM 提供 in here [Updated frequently] (NEW)

The deals starting on 23rd of Nov until next Tuesday.

  • bf-512M-y – 512MB内存| 5GB SSD | 200GB BW | 1x IPv4 | OpenVZ – 6EUR每年 – 点此购买!
  • bf-1G-OVZ – 1GB内存| 15GB SSD | 1TB BW | 1x IPv4 | OpenVZ – 10EUR/y – 点此购买!
  • bf-2G-OVZ – 2GB内存| 25GB SSD | 1TB BW | 1x IPv4 | OpenVZ – 15EUR/y or 3EUR/m – 点此购买!
  • bf-4G-OVZ – 4GB内存| 30GB SSD | 1TB BW | 1x IPv4 | OpenVZ – 25EUR/y or 4EUR/m – 点此购买!
  • bf-6G-OVZ – 6GB内存| 30GB SSD | 2TB BW | 1x IPv4 | OpenVZ – 35EUR/y or 5EUR/m – 点此购买!
  • bf-128G-y– 512MB内存| 128GB HDD | 500GB BW | 1x IPv4 | KVM – 15EUR每年 – 点此购买! .
  • bf-256G-y – 768MB内存| 256GB HDD | 1TB BW | 1x IPv4 | KVM – 25EUR每年 – 点此购买!
  • bf-512G-y – 1024MB内存| 512GB HDD | 1.5TB BW | 1x IPv4 | KVM – 45EUR每年 – 点此购买!
  • bf-1024G-y – 2048MB内存| 1TB HDD | 2TB BW | 1x IPv4 | KVM – 78EUR每年 – 点此购买
  • bf-2048G-y – 2048MB内存| 2TB HDD | 4TB BW | 1x IPv4 | KVM – 140EUR每年 – 点此购买!

Bandwagon Host(搬瓦工) – 特价机 10G KVM PROMO V3 – 洛杉矶 – CN2 

  • SSD: 10 GB RAID-10
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • CPU: 1x Intel Xeon
  • Transfer: 500 GB每月
  • 网口速率: 1 Gigabit
  • Location: 洛杉矶
  • 直连 via CN2、中国联通
  • 点此购买

HostSolutions.ro – 黑色星期五 Thread -shared-VPS -STORAGE VPS (HOT)

  • OFFER 1: 1 Core/ 1GB RAM. 10 GB HDD/ 1 ipv4 included/ 1gbps port speed (SHARED !)/ 10tb/mo traffic included/ Price 9.99 eur(12 dollars)每年 => Link to buy
  • OFFER 2: 2 Core/ 2 GB内存ECC/ 30 GB HDD/ 1 Ip address/ 1 Gbps Port/ 30tb/mo traffic included/ price 1.99 eur/mo , using the cupon code “X4QV9LNH3C” if you pay 年付 you will have 30% disccount more (final price 16.72 eur每年) => Link to buy
  • OFFER 3: 4 Core/ 4 GB RAM/ 400 GB HDD Raid 10/ 1gbps port speed/ 1 ipv4/ 10tb/mo traffic. Price 6.5 eur/mo (38 eur 年付) , using the cupon code “FRE85XOP86” if you pay 年付 you will have 30% disccount more (final price 26.60 EUR每年) => Link to buy
  • OFFER 4: Using the cupon code “BF2018STORAGEVPS” **in any storage plan 1-2-4-6-8-10 tb vps the price will be 优惠30% (you must to pay for 3 month minimum) => 点此购买

Time4VPS – 优惠50% VPS Recurring折扣 

It 仅 happens once! 50% 永久折扣! For all those clients who have been asking、asking to get a 永久折扣, they have a one-time 黑色星期五 offer! 50% life-long折扣 of all standard VPS packages.

Get the standard VPS 最低 仅 1.49 EUR/mo. forever! Use the折扣 code BF18. The折扣 is 永久、can be applied once. 优惠券 are limited (only 300!), so hurry 最高order standard VPS package until 26th of 十一月(GMT +2)!

=> 点此购买

☀ HostDoc – 黑色星期五 Exclusives 

黑色星期五 提供 officially begin today (20th 十一月– 27th 十一月、they are pleased to once again introduce 特价机套餐 created 仅 for this week long event.

  • 黑色星期五 提供 kick off with a generous 优惠20% all of existing套餐. Use code “BF20CM” at checkout.
  • New storage套餐 located in 美国 have a huge 优惠50% this BF. Use code “STORE50BF“. => 点此购买 (HDD) , 点此购买 (NVMe SSD)

☀ Hawk Host –  Get VPS plan、receive 最高a 60%折扣 

This year 黑色星期五 sales will go live as of 12:01 AM CST on Thursday 十一月22nd. You can 注册 for your折扣ed hosting、still find time to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner. The 优惠券 will be valid through 11:59 PM CST on Sunday 十一月25th.

  • 60% 一次性折扣 on any new VPS order in any location when using 优惠券 bfvps2018
  • 45% 永久折扣 on any new VPS order in any location when using 优惠券 bfvps2018r

=> 点此购买

特价机 Offer: Pre-pay 3-years to receive double CPU, memory, SSD or IP address!
Note: Just submit a ticket、include the resource you choose to be doubled.

Scaleway –  优惠30% Cloud VPS (NEW)

Get 2×15 €折扣 in 十一月and 十二月Applied on any 新客户 until 十一月24 at 12:00 UTC

=> Get deal here


黑色星期五 2018 虚拟主机 优惠信息

☀ HostMantis – 最高优惠80% 虚拟主机 (NEW)

  • Get 终身优惠80% on any shared plan when paid 年付 with 优惠券: BF2018 at checkout! => 点此购买
  • Get 终身优惠70% on any Elastic Sites plan when paid每季度 or higher with 优惠券: BF2018ES at checkout! => 点此购买

☀ Hostinger – 优惠90% 虚拟主机 + 免费域名

Hostinger team is grateful to announce that the 黑色星期五 SALE has started this Monday, 12th 十一月、will last until 十二月3rd. All 虚拟主机套餐 最高90%. 限时 offer

=> Get deal here

☀ Namecheap –  优惠97% 虚拟主机 + 免费.website 域名

If you can navigate your way inside, you’re worthy of every deal you encounter, including 优惠97% most-wanted hosting packages, which have a 99.9% 正常运行时间保证. As a reward, they are include a 免费.website 域名.

=> Get deal here

☀ Hawk Host –  Get 虚拟主机 & 分销型虚拟主机、receive 最高a 70%折扣 

虚拟主机 Specials => 点此购买

  • 70% 一次性折扣 on any new 虚拟主机 order in any location when using 优惠券 “bfshared2018
  • 55% 永久折扣 on any new 虚拟主机 order in any location when using 优惠券 “bfshared2018r

分销型虚拟主机 Specials => 点此购买

  • 60% 一次性折扣 on any new 分销型虚拟主机 order in any location when using 优惠券 “bfreseller2018
  • 50% 永久折扣 on any new 分销型虚拟主机 order in any location when using 优惠券 “bfreseller2018r

Stable Host – 优惠80% on all 虚拟主机 & Reseller套餐

黑色星期五 is coming up fast、Stable have some great 提供 for you to promote. See all 提供 below、make sure to promote them on 十一月23、26!

  • 优惠80% on all 虚拟主机 & Reseller套餐 (首年)
  • 优惠92% on .XYZ 域名 (首年)

Code: blackfriday


黑色星期五 2018 域名 优惠信息

☀ Namecheap –  优惠98% 域名

Discover unbeatable prices 最高优惠98% on a variety of TLDs (including the almighty .com), as well as massive savings of 最高82% on PremiumDNS. All compatible TLDs come with 免费WhoisGuard privacy防护 for life. Hurry, these deals will slip away fast!

=> Get deal here

☀ Namesilo – New deals for BF & CM

  • .icu – $0.99 for 1st year registration until Nov 26th
  • .io – $32.88 for registrations; $34.65 for renewals & $31.99 for 流量 while supplies last
  • .xyz – $1.89 for 1st year registration until Nov 26th

=> Get deal here


黑色星期五 2018 独服 优惠信息

OVH 黑色星期五 launched – 永久折扣 提供 on 独服 最高优惠50% (NEW)

For 24 hours, get the best deals on products、services, at unbeatable prices. There’s no time to lose: see all offers!

Online.net Server Specials Offer – 最高40%折扣 on 独服 (NEW)

=> Get deal here

☀ Hetzner no 安装费 for EX-LINE、AX-LINE until 26 十一月2018 

黑色星期五 deals, no 安装费 for EX-LINE (Intel)、AX-LINE (AMD).

☀ CloudCone – 节省 40% on 独服 with large volume SSDs

CloudCone added three amazing 黑色星期五 提供 together for you. Get these limited stocks by adding funds as required. ?
These servers are半托管型, however, CloudCone can help you to get your amazing sites migrated over to CloudCone、optimize them for speed, comfort、stability

=> Get deal here


Other 优惠信息

☀ 1fichier.com Cloud Storage Offer – 1 Year Premium Subscribe for €10 / Access Subscribe for €5

=> Get deal here


Cloud VPS 优惠信息

Cloud商家 优惠信息
DigitalOcean 免费$100 USD Credit on 十一月2018 限新客户
Vultr Match dollar for dollar 最高$100 of your Initial Funding
Linode 免费$20 USD Credit 限新客户
CloudCone 按小时计费 KVM 提供 –半托管型 云服务器 最低 $1.99每月

Top VPS Packages Deals

Hosting商家 优惠信息
Virmach 年付 钜惠 SSD VPS 最低 $3每年
VPSDime 6GB RAM/ 30GB SSD VPS 仅 $7每月


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3 years ago

Thank for sharing! Grabed a best vps.

Guang ha
Guang ha
3 years ago

Wait deals from cloud商家.

Tu Nguyen
Tu Nguyen
3 years ago

When does Virmach start 黑色星期五? They have awesome deals on on BF last year.

Tu Nguyen
Tu Nguyen
Reply to  admin
3 years ago

If they start deals. Please send me a email. Thank admin.

Reply to  Tu Nguyen
3 years ago

I also wait deals from Virmach. Good、stable.

3 years ago

thanks for offers
BTW: bad links at Inception NVMe KVM (the same URL、VPS (2048) for each 3)
regards Milos

Lilli odon
Lilli odon
3 years ago

I need a bf deal on Email Hosting. Admin, can you post some deals?

Suzuki Viva
Suzuki Viva
3 years ago

OMG! OVH deals was live.

3 years ago

I want a LA Location with cheap price.

Reply to  TuanNM
3 years ago

There are too many options for you: Ramnode, Vultr, DO

Reply to  SEMI
3 years ago

Are their prices really cheap?

Reply to  TuanNM
3 years ago

Not cheap, but stable. Virmach VPS also is ok、cheap. I recommend them.

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