[Cyber Monday 2018] 【汇总】VPS, Dedicated & 域名 优惠券!

[Cyber Monday 2018] 【汇总】VPS, Dedicated & 域名 优惠券!

黑色星期五 of Deals is Over. But more incredible deals await on Cyber Monday 2018!. There are big savings on VPS, 独服, 虚拟主机, 域名、other productsWe’d like to collect every Cyber Monday 2018 Offers可用 in this post.

My 黑色星期五 2018’s post: https://yezhu.in/black-friday-2018-list-of-all-vps-shared-hosting-domain-coupons/ (Some deals are live to Cyber Monday)

Cyber Monday 2018 VPS & Cloud Offers

★ VirMach – Flash Sale run now (HOT)

  1. 黑色星期五 & Cyber Monday Flash Sale => Get flash sale here
  2. More offers from VirMach

Bandwagon Host(搬瓦工) – 2018 Cyber Monday 特价机 V3 (NEW + HOT)

  • SSD: 40 GB RAID-10/ 内存: 1024 MB/ CPU: 2x Intel Xeon/ 流量: 1000 GB/mo/ 网口速率: 1 Gigabit/ $15.99 USD每半年/ $29.99 USD 年付 => 点此购买

★ Spartan Host – 最高优惠60% VPS, Minicraft Servers  (NEW)

60%永久折扣 on all 1GB 内存+ E3 SSD/HDD VPS with 优惠券 ‘cm60-2018

40%永久折扣 on 512MB 内存 E3 SSD/HDD VPS & Minecraft Servers with 优惠券 ‘cm40-2018

★  FTPIT.com – 优惠65% all of products

FTPIT.com is having an incredible折扣 on all of products for 黑色星期五. Receive 优惠65% all of products. Use 优惠码: turkey to receive these amazing deals.

=> 点此购买

★ SSD Nodes  – NVMe KVM promo

NVMe-powered 10X KVM plans starting at $9.99 THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

  • 10X KVM / LARGE: $40/mo $9.99/mo/ 8GB 内存/ 40GB NVMe storage/ 1 vCPU/ 4TB 流量 => 点此购买
  • 10X KVM / X-LARGE: $80/mo $11.99/mo/ 16GB 内存/ 80GB NVMe storage/ 4 vCPU/ 8TB 流量 => 点此购买
  • 10X KVM / X-LARGE+: $120/mo $12.99/mo/ 24GB 内存/ 120GB NVMe storage/ 4 vCPU/ 12TB 流量 => 点此购买
  • 10X KVM / 2X-LARGE$160/mo $15.99/mo/ 32GB 内存/ 160GB NVMe storage/ 4 vCPU/ 16TB 流量 => 点此购买

Ionswitch – Out Best Annual VPS 提供 – 37.优惠5% list price!

VPS1, VPS2, VPS4, VPS8 products are 25% with 优惠券 2018-BLACKFRIDAY with an annual purchase. This 25% is on top of 17%折扣 for annual purchases!

  • VPS1 ($26.25每年): 1 Core (1/4 Dedicated) – 1GB 内存 – 10 GB SSD – 1TB => 点此购买
  • VPS2 (52.50每年): 2 Core (1/2 Dedicated) – 2GB 内存 – 25 GB SSD – 1TB => 点此购买
  • VPS4 ($105.00每年) 4 Core (1 Dedicated) – 4GB 内存 – 50 GB SSD – 1TB => 点此购买
  • VPS8 ($210.00每年): 6 Core (2 Dedicated) – 8GB 内存 – 100 GB SSD – 1TB => 点此购买
  • VPS512 ($15每年): 1 Core (1/8th Dedicated) – 512MB 内存 – 5GB SSD – 1/2TB. => 点此购买 (Please use 优惠券: 2018-BLACKFRIDAY512)

New Code: 2018-BLACKFRIDAY-VPS2 $3 off our $7/m VPS2.
New Code: 2018-BLACKFRIDAY-VPS4 $6 off our $14/m VPS4.

noez.de – 优惠50% all openVZ servers

Incredible 优惠50% all openVZ servers! Get an openVZ server、pay 仅 half of the regular price. It’s worth it to be quick: the offer expires at 4 pm!

Enter the code “S8JAMW9BJ5” in the order process. => 点此购买

LiteServer – Lifetime/Recurring 黑色星期五 to Cyber Monday deals || NVMe launch || 最高优惠70%

They are making this one very 特价机 with a launch of NVMe SSD powered KVM VPS plans!

  1. 70%永久! Lifetime! Upgradeble! discount on all brand new KVM NVME VPS Plans: => 点此购买 (KVM NVME)
    Use 优惠券: BLACKFRIDAY-70-NVME
  2. 60%永久! Lifetime! Upgradeble! discount on all OpenVZ、KVM SSD VPS Plans:=> 点此购买 (OpenVZ) | 点此购买 (KVM SSD)
    Use 优惠券: BLACKFRIDAY-60-SSD
  3. 40%永久! Lifetime! Upgradeble! discount on all OpenVZ、KVM TRAFFIC and STORAGE VPS Plans:=> 点此购买 (OpenVZ) | 点此购买 (KVM Traffic) | 点此购买 (Storage)

The 优惠券 you’re using will remain valid on future upgrades of the VPS.

Aruba Cloud – It’s Cyber ​​Monday: 最高40%折扣 (NEW)

You still have a few days to take advantage of offer on Medium, Large、Extra Large VPS. Choose the configuration that’s right for you. Until 十一月 28th you will have 最高40%折扣 .

=> 点此购买 (No 优惠券 required)

★ DediPath – Cyber Monday Sale! Last Chance To Save Big!\

Our Cyber Monday sale is live! For a limited amount of time they are offering:

All of our plans now include unmetered流量!

Cyber Monday 2018 独服 Offers

OVH –永久折扣 提供 on 独服 最高优惠50% (NEW)

Extended OVH BlackFriday throughout the week end until CyberMonday! Enjoy best deals ever on 独服、VPS

There’s no time to lose: see all offers!

One商家 – Don’t miss out! 最高优惠35%! 

黑色星期五 SALES up until Cyber Monday! Another day, another price drop in France!*

  • Atom C2350 / 4GB / 1x 1TB now at 9.99€!
  • Xeon E3-1220 / 8GB / 2x 1TB now at 19€!
  • Xeon E3-1220 v2 / 16GB / 2x 12B now at 28€!

无初装费! Prices are guaranteed for life! => View all deals

★  vpsRus – 独服 on Cyber Monday 

  • Dual Xeon L5640 12/24 cores 2.26/2.48 GHz – $18.00每月 免费setup/ 8GB 内存/ 2 X146GB 15K 6Gbs SAS/ 10TB BW @ 1Gbs port/ /29 IPV4 block/64 IPV6 => 点此购买
  • Dual Xeon L5640 12/24 cores 2.26/2.48 GHz – $20.00每月 免费setup/ 8GB 内存/ 4 X146GB 15K 6Gbs SAS/ 10TB BW @ 1Gbs port /29 IPV4 block /64 IPV6 => 点此购买
  • Dual Xeon L5520-5 8/16 cores 2.26/2.48 GHz – $30.00每月 免费setup/ 32GB 内存/ 500GB 15K 6Gbs SAS/ 10TB BW @ 1Gbs port /29 IPV4 block /64 IPV6 => 点此购买

★ Clouvider – Great servers 最低 just 39英镑 /mo this year! Stocks are very limited. 

They have updated our sales page with the newest deals! See UK 独服! the full list of configurations is可用 at https://console.clouvider.co.uk/cart/cyber-monday-2018-sale、changes as the orders are placed.

Cyber Monday 2018 域名 Offers

★  Namecheap –  优惠98% 域名

Discover unbeatable prices 最高优惠98% on a variety of TLDs, as well as massive savings of 最高82% on PremiumDNS. All compatible TLDs come with 免费WhoisGuard privacy防护 for life. Hurry, these deals will slip away fast!

=> Get deal here

★  Namesilo – New deals for BF & CM

  • .icu – $0.99 for 1st year registration until Nov 26th
  • .io – $32.88 for registrations; $34.65 for renewals & $31.99 for 流量 while supplies last
  • .xyz – $1.89 for 1st year registration until Nov 26th

=> 点此购买

Cyber Monday 2018 虚拟主机 Offers

★  Hostinger Cyber Monday Sale – 最高优惠90% 虚拟主机 + 免费域名

  • Single Plan: 1 Website/ 1 Email Account/ 100 GB流量/ 1X Processing Power & Memory/ $7.99 $0.80/m (节省 90%) => Promo Link
  • Premium Plan: 无限 Number of Websites/ 无限 Email Accounts/ Unlimited流量/ 2X Processing Power & Memory/ Weekly Backups/ $11.95 $2.15/m (节省 82%) => Promo Link
  • Business Plan: All Benefits From Premium/ Daily Backups/ 免费SSL Certificate/ 4X Processing Power & Memory/ $15.95 $3.45 (节省 78%) => Promo Link

StableHost – Get 优惠80% on any 虚拟主机 & Reseller plans

Happy Cyber Monday! Now you get 优惠80% on any 虚拟主机 & Reseller plans. This deal is valid until the 27th of 十一月 at 11.59 PM (CET). Use the折扣 code: “cybermonday”.

Cyber Monday 2018 Other Service Offers

★  1fichier.com Cloud Storage Offer

1 Year Premium Subscribe for €10 / Access Subscribe for €5

=> Get deal here

Time4VPS – VPN永久折扣! 优惠50%

Use the discount code: CM18. The折扣 is recurring and can be applied once. 优惠券 are limited (only 100!), so hurry 最高order VPN service until 27th of 十一月 (GMT +2)!

=> 点此购买


Cloud VPS 优惠信息

Cloud商家 优惠信息
DigitalOcean 免费$100 USD Credit on 十一月 2018 限新客户
Vultr Match dollar for dollar 最高$100 of your Initial Funding
Linode 免费$20 USD Credit 限新客户
CloudCone 按小时计费 KVM 提供 –半托管型 云服务器 最低 $1.99每月

Top VPS Packages Deals

Hosting商家 优惠信息
Virmach 年付 钜惠 SSD VPS 最低 $3每年
VPSDime 6GB 内存/ 30GB SSD VPS 仅 $7每月


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