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[黑色星期五/网络星期一节日 2018] Namecheap – Save 最高98% on 域名, Hosting, SSL、Private Email

[黑色星期五/网络星期一节日 2018] Namecheap - Save 最高98% on 域名, Hosting, SSL、Private Email

黑色星期五 / 网络星期一节日 2018’s Game of Deals.

Brace yourself for the biggest sale of the year!

The Namecheap Kingdom calls on you to join 黑色星期五 Game of Deals, where you’ll discover some of the best 提供 of the year. Join on 十一月23, 2018 最低 12 AM EST where a variety of magical deals will await you. There will be new deals live every hour, so keep coming back! Save 最高98% in 黑色星期五 sale.

黑色星期五 2018 => Get deal here

Welcome back to the Namecheap Kingdom’s Game of Deals! Embark on  extended quest, where you’ll have the chance to capture even more incredible offers、reap epic savings from 12 AM EST on Monday, 十一月26. Deals change every hour and supplies are limited. The most popular deals may disappear quickly, so when the time comes, act fast!

网络星期一节日 2018 => Get deal here

Namecheap’s Back Friday / 网络星期一节日 2018 Deals

优惠98% 域名

Discover unbeatable prices 最高优惠98% on a variety of TLDs (including the almighty .com), as well as massive savings of 最高82% on PremiumDNS. All compatible TLDs come with 免费WhoisGuard privacy防护 for life. Hurry, these deals will slip away fast!

优惠97% Hosting

If you can navigate your way inside, you’re worthy of every deal you encounter, including 优惠97% our most-wanted hosting packages, which have a 99.9% 正常运行时间保证. As a reward, we’ll include a 免费.website 域名.

优惠90% SSL Certificate

Always on your side, our dragon fiercely防护 what’s yours. Pick the precise moment to charm her,、you’ll receive 最高优惠90% SSL certificates, which give you secure https:// status in front of your site,、help your site rank better in search engines.

优惠95% Private Email

Even in a mythical kingdom such as Namecheap’s, secure messages must be delivered with great speed. Venture into the fabled Eagle’s Nest to score amazing deals on Private Email! Time it right,、you could save 最高95% on your subscription,、get 2 months 免费with all our套餐!

How to get deals

1. Be Prepared

As with any adventure, you need to be prepared! Make sure you’ve created an account、are logged in before the deals go live to increase your chances of catching one! Remember, you can 仅 claim these deals if you’re logged in.

Don’t have a Namecheap account? => 点此注册

2. Stow Your 优惠券

When you’ve tracked down your deal, you’ll be issued a 优惠券 which allows you 48 hours to check out. It will expire after this time,、you will no longer be able to use it.

3. Enjoy the Journey

Get yourself ready,、we’ll meet you back here on 黑色星期五 / 网络星期一节日, when this page will be replaced with our Game of Deals; new deals every hour!

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