Top 免费& Cheap SSL Certificate商家

Top 免费& Cheap SSL Certificate商家

免费SSL Certificate商家

1. 免费SSL from StartSSL


The StartSSL™ 免费(Class 1) digital certificates are provided by StartCom without charge. They provide modest assurances、are meant to secure personal web sites, public forums or web mail. Verification is done automatic、instantly by electronic means、mostly without the interference、involvement of our personnel. StartSSL™ 免费supports:

  • Web server certificates (SSL/TLS)
  • Client、mail certificates (S/MIME)
  • 128/256-bit encryption
  • US $ 10,000 insurance guaranteed
  • Valid 1 year (365 days)

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2. 免费Chinese 3 year SSL certificate from


The Chinese CA WoSign provides 免费域名 validated SSL certificates. Unlike StartSSL these are valid for 3 years、it is possible to include 最高100 域名 in one certificate (SAN)

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Cheap SSL Cetificate商家

1. Get a Cheap SSL Certificate 仅 $3.65每年 with GoGetSSL is part of the EnVers Group、provides many SSL certificate types, 域名 validation, extended validation, business validation, wildcard, SAN’UCC certificates, cide signing, SGC certificates, 免费certificates、PCI compliance tools are sold.

They offer 3 years Comodo Positive SSL only $10.95 ($3.65每年) – 点此购买


2. SSL Cetificate 仅 $1.99每年 Comodo Positive SSL from Namecheap


You receive a 特价机 $1.99 Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate with every new product purchase except 域名 renewals, WhoisGuard renewals, purchase of another SSL product or any SSL renewal. You cannot use this $1.99 PositiveSSL to 续费another SSL certificate. You cannot activate this 特价机 $1.99 SSL for any 域名 name that has already been used for an SSL activation at Namecheap. Next year renewal is 仅 $9每年.


3. SSL Certificate 仅 4$每年 from CheapSSLShop


Cheap SSL Shop – The Best global supplier of world’s trusted、famous brand SSL certificates like Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, GlobalSign, Comodo、RapidSSL. Their automated order system made SSL certificate purchase、set up easiest、now you can order your SSL certificate in 3 easy steps within 10 minutes only.

They offer Comodo Positive SSL 仅 $4每年 with 优惠券 CMDXMAS50


4. Get 3 Years SSL Certificate with 仅 $4.99每年 from SSLs

SSLs offer Comodo Positive SSL 仅 $4.99每年

  • Comodo
  • 1 域名
  • +
  • 域名 validation
  • Low assurance
  • 点此购买

5. Get 1 Year Comodo SSL Certificate 仅 $6.95、免费upgrade to Extended Validation Certificate



SSLTrust offer Comodo SSL Certificate with

  • 1 Year SSL $6.95每年 (Save 优惠86%)
  • 2 Years SSL $4.98每年 (Save 优惠90%)
  • 3 Years SSL $4.48每年 (Save 优惠91%)
  • 免费Upgrade to Extended Validation Certificate for 首年
  • 点此购买

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