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Linode’s 16th Birthday – Triples Dedicated Plan Storage + $20 USD 免费Credit 限新客户

Linode’s 16th Birthday - Triples Dedicated Plan Storage + $20 USD 免费Credit 限新客户

Linode is the 4th largest cloud商家 to the top 10,000 Alexa websites, following 仅 Amazon, Rackspace,、IBM. They have helped over half a million customers, launched nearly 12 million Linode servers,、now have more than 100 employees. 点此注册

=> 免费$20 USD Credit

Linode’s 16th Brithday

NodeBalancer pricing reduction

NodeBalancer pricing has been reduced 最低 $20/mo to $10/mo, for both new、existing NodeBalancers. If you’re currently using NB’s there’s nothing you need to do to receive the new pricing. It’s automatic.

Dedicated Instances storage increase

Dedicated instances are optimized for workloads where consistent performance is required or where full-duty work (100% CPU all day, every day) needs doing. This includes build boxes, CI/CD, video encoding, machine learning, game servers, databases, data mining,、busy application servers.

This applies to both new、existing Dedicated Linodes. If you have a dedicated Linode you can simply resize your disk to take advantage of the new storage space.

Linode’s 14th Birthday

It’s Linode’s birthday today! They are happy to officially announce our betas for Block Storage, new Manager,、API.

Linode’s 13th Birthday 

They also want to thank you for your business、support all these years. As a token of our gratitude, They are announcing 免费RAM upgrades for both new、existing customers.

Old Plan New Plan Price
Linode 512MB $5每月
Linode 1 GB -> Linode 2 GB $10/mo ($0.015/hr)
Linode 2 GB -> Linode 4 GB $20/mo ($0.03/hr)
Linode 4 GB -> Linode 8 GB $40/mo ($0.06/hr)
Linode 8 GB -> Linode 12 GB $80/mo ($0.12/hr)
Linode 16 GB -> Linode 24 GB $160/mo ($0.24/hr)
Linode 32 GB -> Linode 48 GB $320/mo ($0.48/hr)
Linode 48 GB -> Linode 64 GB $480/mo ($0.72/hr)
Linode 64 GB -> Linode 80 GB $640/mo ($0.96/hr)
Linode 96 GB -> Linode 120 GB $960/mo ($1.44/hr)


Linode VPS Features

  • SSD Storage: Industry-leading native SSDs for optimal performance.
  • 40Gbit Network: 40Gbps throughput with multiple levels of redundancy.
  • Intel E5 Processors: The fastest processors in the cloud market.
  • Simple、Easy 控制面板
  • 8 Datacenters, 3 Regions
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