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[黑色星期五 & 网络星期一节日 2016] 域名 & VPS 优惠信息 List

[黑色星期五 & 网络星期一节日 2016] 域名 & VPS 优惠信息 List

VPS 黑色星期五/网络星期一节日 2016 优惠信息

Dediserve – 特价机 KVM Cloud 最低 $6.19每月 – 25% Extra 优惠码 (HOT)

Today, Dediserve start 黑色星期五 amazing deals => 详情

Virmach – 特价机 VPS 最低 $5每年 (VERY HOT)

VirMach will be celebrating 黑色星期五 weekend by posting several unique flash sales throughout the day.  => 详情

TNAHosting – 4GB OpenVZ 仅 $35每年 (NEW)

4GB OpenVZ

HostUS – 黑色星期五 2016 特价机 1GB内存OpenVZ VPS (NEW)

黑色星期五 LEB 特价机 – 1GB

  • 1GB RAM
  • 1GB vSWAP(高速虚拟内存)
  • 2 vCPU Cores (Fair Share)
  • 45GB 硬盘容量
  • 2TB 流量
  • 1 x IPv4 Address
  • 4 x IPv6 Addresses
  • OpenVZ / Breeze 控制面板
  • $15 Semi-Annualy or $25 Annualy
  • 点此购买 注:如果购买时提示Fraud(欺诈),属于误判,请发Ticket联系客服解决。

QuadHost – LET-CM16-3G Only 15.00英镑GBP每年

3GB DDR4内存1 Intel E3v5 vCore 1 IPv4 & /64 IPv6 80gb RAID防护 Storage Unmanaged 500gb/m on 1Gbit Port伦敦, UK.

=> 点此购买

Prometeus – 优惠20% any service include iwStack

Cyber Weekend arrived! Use the 优惠券 CW2016 to order any service (including iwStack accounts、credits) with a 20% of折扣. For VPS、Hosting the折扣 is 永久. 优惠券 is valid 仅 until 十一月28th!

+ iwStack Cloud Service: 点此购买

+ VPS: 点此购买

Impact VPS | Resource Pool | 优惠50% | Double Credits |Seattle 达拉斯 NYC

VDR4 Offer Plan

  • 4 Cores
  • 4GB RAM
  • 45GB SSD Disk
  • 2000GB 流量
  • 5 IPv4
  • IPv6
  • Deploy to Seattle, Dallas, NYC or a combination of all
  • $6 per month 永久
  • 优惠券: BLACKFRIDAY2016
  • 点此购买

DOUBLE 优惠信息:

  • Deposit credits to your account, open a ticket with us、they will double the amount you deposited. i.e. deposit $50、they will double it to $100. Must have an active order before depositing.

On A Cloud – 优惠60% Australian KVM VPS (NEW)

Grab 终身优惠60% when selecting Annual, Biannual or Triennial Payment Terms.
Hosted on our DELL Enterprise Hardware
100% Australian Owned & Hosted

详情: http://onacloud.com.au/announcements.php?id=7

HostSolutions.ro 1 EURO每月 VPS (Expried)

This will be our 黑色星期五 offer (verry limited) : 点此购买

2 core (intel xeon 2.66) 2 GB RAM/ 30 GB HDD/ 1 IPv4/ 1Gbps port speed /10 TB traffic included price 1.00 euro每月 (only 年付 payments allowed) you can 点此购买 using the 优惠券 : @Nekki

The 优惠券 is valid for a limited users、is “一次性折扣” , you can choose 最高1 year payment.


Spartan Host (NEW)

+ Minecraft Servers: 40% 永久 with 优惠券 bf40-2016 => 点此购买
+ VPS: 60% 永久 with 优惠券 bf60-2016 => 点此购买
+ 虚拟主机: 40% 永久 with 优惠券 bf40-2016 => 点此购买

ChicagoVPS – Exclusive 黑色星期五 Preview

Grab this exclusive limited quantity offer before it goes public!

4GB Windows VPS: 4GB Dedicated Ram/ 100 GB Pure SSD Diskspace/ 4核CPU on Dual Xeon E5 CPU/ 4TB 流量/ 1000Mbps Port/ 2 x IPv4 Address/ $10每月

Only $10每月 with 优惠码: VJYB2W058U => 点此购买

+ 5GB OpenVZ VPS: 5GB Ram/ 100 GB 硬盘容量/ 2 TB每月 流量/ 1GB port/ 1 IP address

Only $5每月 with promo cde: VJYB2W058U => 点此购买

优惠券 “BF2016” for 优惠60% anything on their site except for 独服, 域名、licenses.

Hudson Valley Host – Exclusive 黑色星期五 Preview

A exclusive offer from HVH:

Managed E3-1240v2 Hybrid Server: Intel Xeon E3-1240v3 – 2 x 3.4GHz/ 200GB HDD/ 8GB RAM/ 10TB 流量/ 1Gbps Port/ 5 IPs/ Fully Managed/ cPanel/WHM/ Softaculous

Only $30每月 with 优惠码: C4JPJHC08F => 点此购买

1GB内存Linux KVM VPS: 1GB RAM/  30GB Storage/ 2 Core CPU/ 4TB 流量

Only $4每月 with 优惠码: FGJ0I87M1O => 点此购买

Vultr – Try Cloud VPS 免费with $50 礼券

Receive $50 in Vultr credit to test drive their 高性能 cloud. 详情

Ramnode – top #2 VPS商家 on LowEndBox (HOT)

限时 黑色星期五 DEAL!




+ 纽约 City Standard SSD KVM (NYC SKVMS) => 点此购买
+ 纽约 City Premium OpenVZ (NYC SVZ)  => 点此购买
+ 洛杉矶 Standard SSD OpenVZ (LA SVZS)  => 点此购买
+ Seattle Standard SSD OpenVZ (SEA SVZS) => 点此购买
+ Seattle Premium SSD OpenVZ (SEA SVZ)  => 点此购买
+ Seattle Premium SSD KVM (SEA SKVM) => 点此购买

Note: Stock is limited! Applies 仅 to new VPS orders.


They have enabled the 黑色星期五 Page – http://cycloneservers.net/black-friday/


Cloud-BF Offers

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 30 GB redundant SSD storage
  • KVM virtualization
  • 1 TB每月 流量
  • 1 IPv4 address
  • 10 IPv6 addresses (from your own /64 IPv6 subnet)
  • Contract term: 12 months
  • 20 EUR 每年 incl. VAT (~ 17.80 USD excl. VAT)
  • 点此购买


优惠40% 永久 ALL VPS套餐 => 详情


BLACKFRIDAY2016 – 优惠50% on VPS、25% on 独服, 十一月25-28 => 详情


50%折扣 on every #VPS order. 优惠券 BLACKFRIDAY => 点此购买


50%折扣 of their Cloud VPS: http://one商家.com/cyber-week


+ 优惠50% our 虚拟主机 Packages with 优惠券 50OFFSHARED => 点此购买

+ 25% 永久折扣 on all single VPS services with 优惠券: 25OFFSVPS => 点此购买 OpenVZ VPS | KVM VPS | Premium VPS

+ Additional 10% 永久折扣 on standard bundle services! with 优惠券: 10OFFBUNDLE => 点此购买 Resource OpenVZ | Resource KVM

15% 永久折扣 on all NAT based servers with 优惠券: 15OFFNAT => 点此购买

独服 黑色星期五 2016


Don’t miss out on these amazing 黑色星期五 (and 网络星期一节日) bargains from LeaseWeb. Get 优惠30% selected 独服 models in our Washington DC 数据中心, using 优惠码 BLACKFRIDAY16 at the checkout => 点此购买: https://www.leaseweb.com/black-friday-2016


Spartan Host shared an offer.

黑色星期五 SALE => 点此购买

All 独服: 优惠30% first month using 优惠券 bf30-2016

Dual L5520, 48gb RAM: 30% 永久折扣 ($30折扣) using 优惠券 bf30L5520 | 最低 仅 $59.50!

CrownCloud – 网络星期一节日 2016 独服 (NEW)

  • Intel C2558 / 8 GB内存/ 2 TB x 2 disks
  • 10 TB 流量
  • 5 IPv4
  • IPMI access included
  • 洛杉矶, CA
  • $35每月 永久
  • 点此购买


虚拟主机 黑色星期五/ 网络星期一节日 2016 优惠信息

Hawk Hosts 2016 黑色星期五 Hosting Specials!

This years specials will feature折扣 of 最高优惠70% your first payment along with 永久折扣 最高55%. By taking advantage of these折扣 you can 注册 for a new hosting plan for as little as $0.89/mo! That’s hard to beat!

+ 70% 一次性折扣 on any new 虚拟主机 with 优惠券: bfshared2016
+ 55% 永久折扣 on any new 虚拟主机 with 优惠券: bfshared2016r
+ 60% 一次性折扣 on any new 分销型虚拟主机 with 优惠券: bfreseller2016
+ 50% 永久折扣 on any new 分销型虚拟主机 with 优惠券: bfreseller2016r
+ 60% 一次性折扣 on any new VPS with 优惠券: bfvps2016
+ 45% 永久折扣 on any new VPS with 优惠券: bfvps2016r
+ 70% 一次性折扣 on any new semi-独服 with 优惠券: bfsd2016
+ 55% 永久折扣 on any new semi-独服 with 优惠券: bfsd2016r

域名.com 虚拟主机

BlackFriday BONUS from omain.com! 节省 75% on new webhosting套餐 today 仅 with 优惠券 code YOLO75. Exclusions apply.

Our 优惠75% webhosting sale is back for CyberMonday! Use 优惠券 code CYBER75 to save on all new套餐 on .

Hostodo – 25GB SSD 虚拟主机  $10每年! 

– 25GB SSD Cached 硬盘容量
– 1500GB每月 流量
– 1 域名
– Hosted in NYC
– $10 每年

点此购买 – NY (DDoS防护)


域名 黑色星期五 2016


+ 域名 .COM registration 仅 $6.99 首年

Register .com 域名 for just $6.99每年 during 黑色星期五! ($50 max折扣, 5 uses allowed per customer, 2,000 total redemptions可用). 优惠券 CODE: BLACKFRIDAY2016REG

+ 域名 .COM 流量 仅 $7.55 首年

Transfer .com 域名 for just $7.55 during 黑色星期五! ($100 max折扣, 5 uses allowed per customer, 2,000 total redemptions可用). 优惠券: BLACKFRIDAY2016TRANS


黑色星期五 NOW

online-net-black-friday-2016-coming-soon ovh-black-friday-2016
Namecheap  Delimiter
namecheap-black-friday-2016  delimiter-black-friday-2016


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