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Ramnode 提供 new Prices, New套餐 with Dedicated核CPU

Ramnode 提供 new Prices, New套餐 with Dedicated核CPU

Ramnode -黑色星期五 starts now!

Use code BLACK10 to get a $10 credit when ordering any VPS regularly priced at $5 or more. Credit will be added within 24 hours of order completion. Applies once per customer, 新客户 only.

Ramnode VPSs are hosted in 纽约 City, Atlanta, Seattle, 洛杉矶,、The Netherlands. Now support Ubuntu 18.04

Server Features

In addition to great hardware, each server comes with the following features:

+ SolusVM 控制面板
+ 1Gbps fair share port speed
+ 免费DNS hosting
+ 即时开通
+ Optional DDoS防护 for all位置

[Premium] KVM NVMe (NEW)

Plan RAM CPU IPv4 IPv6 Storage Bandwidth Price Order
2GB NKVM 2048 MB 2 Cores 1 /64 25 GB 3000 GB $12 / mo NYC / ATL / SEA / LA / NL
4GB NKVM 4096 MB 2 Cores 1 /64 50 GB 4000 GB $24 / mo NYC / ATL / SEA / LA / NL
8GB NKVM 8192 MB 4 Cores 1 /64 100 GB 5000 GB $48 / mo NYC / ATL / SEA / LA / NL

Virtual 独服 – Dedicated核CPU

RamNode now 提供 a Virtual 独服 option! You can now get dedicated核CPU on one of their super fast SSD KVM servers! See套餐、prices here. Stock is limited!

Take 优惠20% any new SVDS order with 优惠券 SVDS20

Order VDS here: 

Plan RAM CPU Storage Bandwidth Price Order
4GB SVDS 4096 MB 1 Dedicated Core 100 GB 5000 GB $20 / mo NYC / ATL / SEA / LA
8GB SVDS 8192 MB 2 Dedicated Cores 200 GB 10000 GB $40 / mo NYC / ATL / SEA / LA
16GB SVDS 16384 MB 4 Dedicated Cores 400 GB 20000 GB $80 / mo NYC / ATL / SEA / LA
32GB SVDS 32768 MB 8 Dedicated Cores 800 GB 40000 GB $160 / mo NYC / ATL / SEA / LA


SKVMS – Standard KVM SSD are now HALF price

Their Standard KVM SSD (SKVMS) VPSs are now HALF price!
+ Get a 512MB内存VPS for just $3每月!
+ Get a 1GB内存VPS for just $5每月!
This new pricing applies 限老客户 as well – just open a ticket to request it!

=> Order SKVMS in 纽约 CITY
=> Order SKVMS in 洛杉矶

SVZS – Standard OpenVZ SSD now come with DOUBLE the RAM

Their Standard OpenVZ SSD (SVZS) VPSs now come with DOUBLE the RAM! Get a 2GB内存/ 60GB SSD VPS for just $7每月! Existing SVZS套餐 have already been upgraded, no need to do anything!

=> Order SVZS in 纽约 CITY
=> Order SVZS in ATLANTA
=> Order SVZS in SEATTLE
=> Order SVZS in 洛杉矶

DDoS-Filtered IPs

All their DDoS-filtered IPs are now $3每月 (not just Seattle)! Existing customers already have the new pricing (just make sure you update your PayPal subscriptions).


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