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Namecheap – 黑色星期五 2014 & 网络星期一节日 优惠信息

Namecheap - 黑色星期五 2014 & 网络星期一节日 优惠信息

It’s the world’s favorite shopping day,、Namecheap is your source for the best deals on all things 域名-related. We’ve assembled an all-star cast of 9 outstanding deals on 域名, hosting, SSLs,、email. We’ll rotate through them throughout the day, presenting a different offer every hour – so be sure to check back often. This 优惠信息runs 最低 12:01am to 11:59pm EST Friday Nov. 28, 2014.、we’ll do it all over again on 网络星期一节日!

Check the deals we have prepared for you:

  • .club registration $0.98 (首年)
  • Business package email $0.98 (首年)
  • Value plan 虚拟主机 $0.98 (首年)
  • .com/.net/.org 流量 $0.98 (one year)
  • 3 months of 分销型虚拟主机 $0.98
  • .com/.net/.org registration $0.98 (首年)
  • Comodo PositiveSSL $0.98
  • “Lucky dip” 独服 $48.88/mo.
  • .website registration $0.98 (首年)

Come back on Friday (Nov. 28) to get the best deals at Namecheap.

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