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Contabo Object Storage – 20% Lifetime折扣 New Product €2.49 per month for each slice of 250 GB

Today Contabo are introducing Contabo Object Storage, a new way to store data in the cloud cheaper、without any hidden fees.

Their Object Storage not 仅 costs less, but also 提供 more transparency、predictability. It comes at just one all-inclusive rate: $2.99/€2.49 per month for each slice of 250 GB with 无限 traffic, no hidden fees for number of objects, metadata or data retrievals as well as no long-term commitments. Contabo Object Storage can be used independently from other Contabo products. Object Storage is initially可用 in Europe, with US、Asia coming up in the next 30 days. It can be managed both via web interface、S3-compatible API.

As a launch 优惠信息, they offer a 20% lifetime折扣 for a 限时 only!

=> [ Promo Link ]


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