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Namecheap 流量 Week Sale – Save 最高50% on popular 域名、最高64% on hosting 流量

Transfer Week is a great time for your audience to switch to Namecheap. Starting today, they can enjoy exclusive折扣 for 域名、hosting 流量

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Save 最高50% on popular 域名、最高64% on hosting 流量. Sale ends 八月15.

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Why they should 流量

  • 钜惠 now,、low-cost renewals
  • Transferring also renews their 域名 for 1 year
  • 免费WhoisGuard for life
  • Benefit 最低 our 24/7 customer support、reliability
  • 免费Website Builder with 虚拟主机

Save 最高50% on popular 域名

Transfer 最高a total of 100 域名. You’ll get a year’s registration when you 流量, plus carry your existing time left over as well*.

Check out using TLD22TSJUL to apply the折扣

优惠64% on hosting 流量

虚拟主机 最低 仅 $1.49 a month
You can save money on 虚拟主机 today. It’s cPanel-based,、perfect for small to medium websites.

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How to 流量 域名 to Namcheap

1. Check it

Type your 域名 in the search bar above to see if it meets our basic 域名 流量 requirements.

2. Prepare it

Familiarize yourself with the requirements for your 域名,、request a 流量 code from your existing商家.

3. Submit it

Paste your 流量 code, click ‘Add to Cart’,、head to the checkout to make your payment. Your 域名 流量 will automatically complete — usually in under 24 hours.


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