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最便宜的 大内存 VPS商家 (2024)

最便宜的 大内存 VPS商家

Your VPS uses内存each time that a new process is started. All of the software on your website will require some of this内存to run efficiently.  The more programs, the more traffic,、the more functionality you require, the more内存you will need to keep your sites、system up、running smoothly.

We have selected the 5 best 大内存 VPS Privider to get 大内存 to run your website、enjoy some exceptional、advanced features offered at affordable prices.

1. VPSDime – Cheap Hight内存VPS商家

Visit VPSDime

VPSDime is a leading商家 of VPS, offering cheap linux VPS for people on a budget. If you need self-managed VPS specializing in 大内存 offerings then VPSDime is the top商家 for you.

VPSDime VPS with full root access, full ssd storage、amazing 10Gbit network. Location in Seattle Washington, 洛杉矶 CA, 达拉斯 Texas, Piscataway NJ, Amsterdam NL, Maidenhead UK.

  • VPS Plan start from 6GB RAM, 30GB SSD, 4 CPU, 2TB Traffic with 仅 $7每月 -> Order This Plan
  • All 优惠信息 of VPSDime on 野猪优惠码: 点击这里


2. Contabo – High Perfomance & 大内存 VPS

Visit Contabo

Since founding 2003年 Contabo is committed to provide German quality with global availability. They focus on the stability of their 数据中心s, rigorous internal processes、the high standards of customer support.

Fully Independent Virtual Servers with Super-Fast Gen 4 NVMe Drives, Storage Customization、More Traffic Than You Will Ever Need.

  • VPS Plan start from 4 vCPU Cores, 8 GB RAM, 50 GB NVMe 仅 $8.49每月 => [ View details ]
  • All 优惠信息 of Contabo => 点击这里

3. ExtraVM – High resource VPS

Visit ExtraVM

ExtraVM (REG TEXAS, 美国) has been offering hosting services since 2014 (7 years!)、has continually expanded位置、upgraded hardware. Many of their位置、servers run on Ryzen or i7 CPUs,、they plan to migrate older Intel systems to Ryzen in the near future. They provide DDoS防护 in select位置.

特价机 High Resource套餐

High resource VPS with very limited stock which 仅 returns when someone cancels.

4. CheapWindowsVPS – Cheap 大内存 Window VPS

Visit CheapWindowsVPS

CWVPS, also known as CheapWindowsVPS, is excited to announce its latest offerings of SSD、NVME KVM VPS in both US、Euro位置. These virtual machines come with a range of features, including unmetered 流量, 即时开通,、Virtualizor 控制面板.

  • Windows VPS Plan start from 2核CPU / 4 GB内存/ 60 GB SSD 最低 $5每月 with 优惠券 => [ Get Deal Here ]
  • All 优惠信息of CheapWindowsVPS: 点击这里

5. GreenCloudVPS – Affordable KVM、Windows VPS

Visit GreenCloudVPS

GreenCloudVPS is a worldwide leader of Virtual Private Server、独服 services. GreenCloud is a registered LLC in Delaware, 美国. We have been in business since 2013, privately owned、debt-free. They offer affordable KVM VPS, Windows VPS, proxies, SEO optimized VPS, Jarvee optimized VPS,、大内存 VPS.

大内存 VPS套餐

=> [ 点此购买 ]

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