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[黑色星期五 2023] 【汇总】VPS & 域名 优惠券!

黑色星期五 is here,、it’s your chance to grab incredible Dedicated, VPS or 域名 deals for 2023. Links to the latest 黑色星期五 2023 deals are listed below.

NOTE: 黑色星期五 2023 is over. But 网络星期一节日 Deal is stared. We continue collect 提供 here:

黑色星期五 2023 VPS deals

RackNerd 钜惠 – 特价机 VPS Deals (HOT)

  • KVM VPS from $10.18 每年!
  • Ryzen VPS from $19.00每年

=> [ Get deal here ]

ServerHost – 特价机 VPS 最低 $18.75每年 (NEW)

As 网络星期一节日 nears, they at ServerHost are thrilled to unveil some extraordinary deals for Linux VPS solutions.

=> [ Get deal here ]

EuroHoster – 50%折扣 VPS

Order virtual server in the Netherlands or virtual server in Bulgaria with 50%折扣. This折扣 also applies to Windows VPSStorage VPS.

Use 优惠码 PJ273JU4AN、order the折扣 server between 24 Nov、27 Nov. The折扣 can be applied with每月 billing cycle only.

=> [ Promo Link ]

OVHCloud – 优惠50% VPS + 独服 + $400 Public Cloud 免费Credits  (HOT)

黑色星期五 sale is happening NOW until 28th 十一月 while stocks last, fastest fingers first! B)

=> [ Get deal here ]

⚝ Contabo – 优惠30% VPS/VDS + No fee setup + 免费硬盘容量 

Contabo biggest sale of 2023 is almost here! 黑色星期五/网络星期一节日 deals on VPS, VDS,、more!

=> [ Get deal here ]

AlphaVPS – Crazy 独服 & VPS Offers 

This year, they have prepared Ryzen 7000 KVM VPS with blazing-fast NVMe (PCIe 4.0) storage, Storage KVMs at around 2.22EUR per TB per month, 廉价VPS starting 最低 10.99EUR/y、also – AMD EPYC 独服 at a VERY low-end price, along with super-nice high-RAM Intel configurations!

=> [ Get deal here ]

Veesp – 优惠36% VPS + 独服 Sale

黑色星期五 offer is valid for all VPS and 独服 plans

The折扣 is valid for all billing cycles、multiplies with regular折扣 for longer billing cycles! This means you can get 最高优惠36% if you pay 年付!

=> [ Get deal here ]

GinerNet – 优惠50% KVM VPS 最低 23.80 €每年、more!!!

黑色星期五 is here、we have what you are looking for :) All servers include a 10 Gbps port

=> [ Get deal here ]

SpartanHost – $16每年 1GB Ryzen 7950X Anti-DDoS KVM VPS in Dallas

  • 1GB RAM/ 1 vCore CPU (AMD Ryzen 7950X) / 25GB NVMe SSD 硬盘容量 / 2TB 流量 @ 10Gb/s shared / 1 IPv4 /48 routed IPv6 / 12Tb/s+ Path.net DDoS mitigation / Location: Dallas, TX / Quantity: 10
  • 点此购买 – 优惠码: bf2023flash-Y9WFYUU25A

LaunchVPS – 优惠40% All Products &套餐! Starting NOW through 十一月27th, all KVM VPS套餐、cPanel Webhosting套餐 at LaunchVPS are 优惠40% – forever – for the life of the service!

=> [ Get deal here ]

$0.95/1styr 1GB KVM VPS in Philadelphia

Time4VPS – 优惠75% on Linux, storage & container VPS 

=> [ Get deal here ]

servaRICA – Dedicated & Storage & NVMe VPS Deals 

无限 Storage – VDS – Storage NVMe – Hybrid

=> [ Get deal here ]

HostHatch – Storage、NVMe deals 

They have the following deals可用 for 黑色星期五 2023. There is limited stock in each location. Once a deal is sold out, you will no longer be able to order it from the order form.

=> [ Get deal here ]

V.PS – 特价机 VPS 最低 €9.95每年  (NEW)

  • Frankfurt Nano KVM VPS BF2023: 1GB内存/ 1x vCPU / 15GB SSD space / 1TB 流量 / 1Gbps uplink / 1x IPv4 / 1x IPv6 / KVM/Proxmox / €9.95每年 / Stock: 20 => 点此购买 (优惠券: LX7LHBFHDTDWQ)
  • Amsterdam Nano KVM VPS BF2023: 1GB内存/ 1x vCPU / 5GB SSD space / 1TB 流量 / 1Gbps uplink / 1x IPv4 / 1x IPv6 / KVM/Proxmox / €9.95每年 / Stock: 20 => 点此购买 (优惠券: UO7U77ST8W1ZH)
  • Seattle KVM VPS 特价机 Offer, 1C/1G/15G/500G@1Gbps for 12.99 Eur 每年 (Stock: 100)  => 点此购买 – 优惠券 SEATTLED8WRAYUXPTNV (Only with 年付 payment)
  • Düsseldorf、Tallinn 特价机 Offer, 4C/4G/40G SSD/4T@1Gbps for 29.99 Eur 每年, 免费BGP session、LocIX DUS port (Stock: 50/50) => 点此购买 (DUS)、点此购买 (Tallinn) – 优惠券 BF2023O27PJ91HQYNE (Only with 年付 payment)
  • Tokyo Mini VPS (1C/1G/15GB SSD/500GB 流量/500Mbps) 最低 20.23 EUR 每年 (Stock: 23) => 点此购买 – 优惠券 MINI7E0LHACNOUB6

ExtraVM – 优惠50% NVMe KVM VPS 

ExtraVM currently has 优惠50% 永久 for VPS套餐 2GB、larger in 美国 (4x位置)、Amsterdam, NL as well as 虚拟主机套餐、game servers.

=> [ Get deal here ]

LetBox – $11.95每年 1GB KVM VPS + $14.95每年 1GB Ryzen KVM VPS in US/CA/UK/EU

  • Cheap Annual VPS: (1) vCPU / 1GB内存/ 20GB NVME SSD / 5TB 流量 / 1Gbps Port / (1) IPv4 / (1) IPv6 / $11.95每年 => 点此购买 – 优惠码: LOVEBF-FGRW
  • Cheap Annual Ryzen VPS: (1) vCPU / 1GB内存/ 15GB NVME SSD / 5TB 流量 / 1Gbps Port  / (1) IPv4 / (1) IPv6 / $14.95每年 => 点此购买 – 优惠码: LOVEBF-GHTT

TNAHosting – $6每年 1GB KVM VPS in 芝加哥 

  • Specifications: KVM, 1GB RAM, 15GB SSD, 5TB 流量, 2x vCPU, 芝加哥, $6每年 = > 点此购买 – 优惠券: BF20231GB
  • OpenVZ, 12GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 15TB 流量, 4x vCPU, 芝加哥, $30每年 => 点此购买 – 优惠券: BF202312GB

=> More offer (最低 $4每年): 点击这里

Noez.de – Unmetered upgrade for €1/m + 10%* Site-wide VPS/独服 in Frankfurt

=> [ Promo Link ]

Virtono – Amazing Deals on Cloud VPS

  • 1 Euro 虚拟主机: 6 months at just €1
  • Grab Cloud KVM plan at an unbelievable price 最低 €14.95

=> [ Get deal here ]

HostSailor – Get 30% 永久折扣 on Our Hosting套餐

  • Elevate your performance with our top-tier Romanian 独服. Enjoy a 30% 永久折扣 during this limited-time 优惠信息with code BFRODEDI2023.
  • Experience the power of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with KVM technology. 节省 30% (recurring折扣) if you choose this high-performance hosting solution NOW with code BFVPS2023.

=> [ Promo Link ]

HostEONS – 特价机 VPS 最低 $12每年 – 优惠50% 独服

Their 黑色星期五 offer for OpenVZ VPS, Intel KVM VPS, Ryzen KVM VPS, 5950x VDS, 7950x VDS as well as 独服

=> [ Get deal here ]

HostDare – Deals on VPS 最低 $10.99每年 

HostDare offer you an exclusive early access to 黑色星期五 Deals on VPS!

=> [ Get deal here ]

15% additional site-wide Promo VPS in 洛杉矶 – 768MB 最低 $9.34每年

⚝  EasyVM – 特价机 KVM VPS 最低 $15每年 in 达拉斯 & 纽约 

They deployed a lot of machines to do this sale — so let’s hope it was worth it.

  • KVM VPS 最低 $15每年
  • Premium VPS 最低 $25每年

=> [ Get deal here ]

$60+/m 128-256GB /29 Dual E5 Dedi in Dallas

  • 2x E5-2670 / 128GB内存/ 2x 500GB SSD / 30TB @ 1 Gbit/s / $75.00/mo $60/mo => 点此购买
  • 2x E5-2690 / 192GB内存/ 2TB SSD / 30TB @ 1 Gbit/s / $100.00/mo $85.00/mo => 点此购买

Ramnode – Unlock Your 100% Cloud Credit Match Now 

  1. Create Your Account: Create your 免费cloud account to then be able to fund it.
  2. Optional Credit Boost: While funding is optional, adding credits during this 优惠信息al period unlocks our 100% match offer. Whether it’s as little as $5 or as much as you wish, they will double your investment.
  3. Double Your Power: For every credit you add, they match it. For example: add $20, get an additional $20 – or go higher、get even more. It’s an ideal chance to double your credits.

AlexHost – 23%折扣 on all Managed VPS

Get ready for a week of incredible折扣 from AlexHost.com! They offer you a unique opportunity to purchase  high-quality services at the most advantageous prices.

=> [ Get deal here ]

LiteServer – 优惠60% NVME & Storage VPS套餐 (NEW)

AWESOME 黑色星期五 TO 网络星期一节日 SPECIALS BY LITESERVER! For all VPS orders placed between now、Monday 27 十一月(23:59h CET) we have the following awesome 优惠券可用.

=> [ Get deal here ]

MaxKVM – 优惠70% any new service

First 黑色星期五 code is now active for 优惠70% any new service、billing cycle for the first 100 orders! 优惠券: BF70110823

=> [ Get deal here ]

Kuroit – Exciting VPS & Dedicated 提供 Inside 最低 16.00英镑 GBP每年

Kuroit starting their Diwali、黑色星期五 sale!

=> [ Get deal here ]

Cyclone Servers – 40% Site Wide for our Pre-黑色星期五 Event!

Discount 最高优惠40% Use Code PRE-BF40

=> [ Promo Link ]

GreenCloud – 最高40% VPS 

Get ready to supercharge your savings with incredible 黑色星期五 Sale!

=> [ Get deal here ]

Hosteroid – 50%* Site-wide VPS/Dedi in Romania

512MB VPS 最低 €8.55/6m, 32GB E5 Dedi 最低 €180/6m

=> [ Promo Link ]

Cloudways – 优惠40% 优惠券 Cloud Flatform

Get a whopping 优惠40% for the next 4 months on all hosting套餐 along with 40 免费migrations handled by expert engineers.

Use the 优惠码 ‘BFCM4040’ in order to avail it.

=> [ Get deal here ]

⚝ Hostshield: $194.97+/qtr 32-64GB E5 Unmetered Dedi in Netherlands

  • Unmetered Dedi E5-2630L / 32GB内存/ 2 x 240GB SSD / 194.97$/每季度=> 点此购买
  • Unmetered Dedi E5-2650v3 / 32GB内存/ 2 x 500GB SSD / 239.97$/每季度=> 点此购买
  • Unmetered Dedi E5-2680v3 / 32GB内存/ 2 x 1TB SSD / 254.97$/每季度=> 点此购买
  • Unmetered Dedi Dual x E5-2680v3 / 64GB内存/ 2 x 1TB SSD / 359.97$/每季度=> 点此购买

⚝  CatalystHost – $5+/m 2-4GB 333TB 流量 OpenVZ VPS in Dallas/Tampa 

Hyper-V Mart – 最高优惠50%  VPS + 独服


=> [ Promo Link ]

黑色星期五 2023 虚拟主机 deals

Hawk Host Hosting Deals! 节省 优惠70% (HOT)

黑色星期五 once again at Hawk Host!

This year our 黑色星期五 sales ARE LIVE! Right now! Go ahead, 注册, get your savings! That’s right, we’re not waiting any longer, you can 注册、enjoy these折扣 right away!

=> [ Get deal here ]

SoftShellWeb – 虚拟主机 提供 最低 $5每年 

They offer a Blazing fast hosting platform powered by DirectAdmin with 100% pure SSD Storage, LiteSpeed, CloudLinux、Imunify360.

=> [ Get deal here ]

Hostinger – 优惠81% Premium 虚拟主机 

  • Premium 虚拟主机 for $2.49/mo + 免费域名 (with a 4-year plan)
  • Includes the no-code Hostinger Website Builder.

=> [ Get deal here ]

HostPapa – 优惠35% Hosting

This year, they are offering 优惠35% 虚拟主机, Optimized WordPress Hosting,、VPS for all new customers.

=> [ Get deal here ]

hostfactor.eu – 优惠95% 虚拟主机 最低 $0,89每月

Get ready to supercharge your online presence、hosting experience with savings you won’t find anywhere else.

=> [ Get deal here ]

Nexcess – 优惠75% Hosting Promo

优惠75% 4 months of new WordPress, WooCommerce,、Magento套餐. From 十一月1 through 十一月30th. The折扣 applies to all new套餐 for both new、existing customers.

Use 优惠券 BF23SAVE754MO

=> [ Get deal here ]

Webhosting1st.com – 优惠80% for all 虚拟主机套餐!

黑色星期五 优惠80% for all套餐, just use 优惠券: WH1STBF2023
Prices showed below are BEFORE折扣.

=> [ Promo Link ]

80% Site-wide VPS in Poland, 1GB 最低 $1.2/m

  • All VPS套餐 优惠80% => 点此购买
  • 优惠券: LETBF2023VPS

Fastcomet – 优惠80% 虚拟主机 + 免费域名

-80% Now with 免费域名 for Life: Starting at $2.39/mo with 优惠券: BRSALE80

=> [ Promo Link ]


黑色星期五23.11.2023 – 26.11.2023
网络星期一节日27.11.2023 – 03.12.2023

Discounts: Up to 85% for 虚拟主机, Up to 35% for Private Servers

黑色星期五 2023 独服 Promo

RackNerd 钜惠 – 独服 最低 $59每月

This 黑色星期五, explore range of never-done-before bare metal 独服 specials! Ideal for those seeking their own environment/resources

=> [ Get deal here ]

Dacentec优惠20% the每月 price of your 独服. 

Click the promo links to grab your deal now、enter “BLACKFRIDAY2023” at checkout to receive 优惠20% the每月 price of your 独服.

=> [ Promo Link ]

HostSlick – take advantage of our promo before Black-Friday

this is a chance to grab a deal before stock will go out on Black-Friday during the sale!

ALL 独服 orders using 优惠券 M53MYLNC9M-PRESALE will receive 45%折扣 永久!!!

=> [ Promo Link ]

Flash Sale: 点击这里

黑色星期五 2023 域名 Offers

Namecheap – 最高优惠99% 域名 Registration (HOT)

Turn 黑色星期五 upside down with bewildering折扣 最高99%

=> [ Get deal here ]

Dynadot – Save big on 域名 registrations 

These deals are coming in hot、fast 🏎️🔥 We’ve got .COM 流量, .IO registrations、website builder pro plan on sale!

=> [ Get deal here ]

Porkbun –  Best 域名 Name Deals of the Year! 

Ready, set, glow! This 黑色星期五 they are shining the lights on the best 域名 deals of the year. Save big on 域名 extensions like .xyz, .biz, .art, .me,、more! Make your online presence number .one as you .shop ‘til you drop. There’s even amazing deals for .kids so you can .bond together!

=> [ Get deal here ]

Name.com – 网络星期一节日 starts this Wednesday! 优惠券 inside!

Name.com is starting up it’s 网络星期一节日 优惠信息. Early Access begins Nov. 22, 2023 8 a.m. PST、closes Nov. 28, 2023 at 8 a.m. PST.

You can enjoy 最高95% on 域名、our specialty products. The 优惠券 to use is cybermonday“.

=> [ Promo Link ]

Crazy域名 黑色星期五 Blowout Sale

Duration – 18th Nov to 27th Nov
  • 域名
    • (AU) 域名 .COM.AU / .AU – $8.99*/1st year
    • .COM 域名 – $16.99/1st year
    • (NZ) 域名 .CO.NZ / .NZ – $17.00
  • Stacking Offer1 Product – Get 优惠10% on 1 Product
    2 Products – Get 优惠15% on 2 Products
    3 Products – Get 优惠20% on 3 Products

=> [ Promo Link ]


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