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XHostFire – 特价机 KVM South Korea VPS 仅 $7每月

XHostFire - 特价机 KVM South Korea VPS 仅 $7每月

XHostFire is a 虚拟主机商家 dedicated to providing high quality 虚拟主机 at an affordable price. They care for their clients, ensuring each、every client is more than just satisfied day in、day out.

Trading name: XHostFire

+ Address: 101 Possumtown Rd, Piscataway Township, NJ 08854, United States
+ Contact phone: +1 (609) 331-9219
+ Email: support @ xhostfire.com
+ Skype contact: xhostfire

Server-specific features

  • KVM Virtualisation
  • Enterprise grade hardware (Intel E5/E3) with RAID 10.
  • 控制面板 management – You have the option to reinstall、perform a variety of power functions straight from the panel.
  • Setup – usually instant if payment was confirmed successfully.

South Korea VPS

  • vCPU – 1 core (E5)
  • RAM – 768 MB DDR3
  • Storage -10GB RAID 10 (SSD)
  • Bandwidth – 900GB @ 1Gbps.
  • IDC – KT (Seoul, Korea Telecom)
  • Cost: $7 per month.
  • 点此购买

Oslo, Norway Location

  • vCPU: 1 core (E3)
  • RAM: 1GB DDR4
  • Storage: 15GB RAID 10防护.
  • Clean Traffic: 1TB per month
  • Virtualisation: KVM
  • New price: $84每年 with 优惠券: NOLEBVM
  • New price: $7每月 with 优惠券: LOWEND
  • 点此购买

Greater Helsinki (Finland) Location

  • vCPU: 1x E3-1230v5
  • RAM: 1GB内存DDR4
  • HDD Space: 20GB RAID 10防护
  • Bandwidth: 1TB on 1Gbps
  • Dedicated IPs: 1 + /80 IPv6 subnet
  • PRICE: $7每月 with 优惠码: LETSPECIAL
  • 点此购买

Khabarovsk, Russia (Far-East/Siberia region near Asia) Location

  • CPU – 1 core (2x E5-2660-v2 on host)
  • RAM – 768MB内存DDR4
  • Storage – 10GB SAS RAID 10
  • Bandwidth – 1TB / 1Gbps
  • 1 dedicated IP included.
  • PRICE: $7每月
  • 点此购买

More套餐 => 点击这里

*Servers are pre-configured, owned by us、colocated. Further upgrades to hardware is not possible.
*KVM console access on request only. We provide 无限 OS re-installations 【免费】.
*DDoS mitigation guaranteed 最高10Gbps.

Payment & 网络信息

They accept a variety of payment methods such as PayPal, Credit/debit cards、Bitcoin.

If you require more traffic, please contact us for 特价机 offers.

测试IP addresses (example 仅 to check routing):


  • Uusimaa, Finland (DNA Oy + FNE-FI upstream).
  • Seoul, South Korea (KT Corp // no IPv6 // we use our own range)
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