HostUS – VPS 仅 128MB $5每年 & 256MB $7每年

HostUS – VPS 仅 128MB $5每年 & 256MB $7每年


HostUS offer world class 虚拟主机, OpenVZ、KVM VPS’s、also 独服 in Atlanta、Dallas.


All OpenVZ VPS Nodes run Intel Xeon CPU’s with at least 4 x 1TB Hard Drives in a hardware RAID10 with BBU set up. All VPSs are setup with a shared 1Gbps port for 免费of charge, no limiting or throttling! All VPSs are unmanaged. Included with every VPS is a 控制面板 to help you manage the status of your VPS, set Reverse DNS、view current usage.

OpenVZ Plan


特价机 Offer Plan

All 提供 listed below are永久、we guarantee that the price will not change for the life of your service.

128MB 特价机 [Limited Stock]

1 vCPU Core (Fair Share)
128MB DDR3 内存
10 GB HW Raid-10 硬盘容量
200 GB每月流量
1 x IPv4 Address (With rDNS)
$5 每年


256MB 特价机

1 vCPU Core (Fair Share)
256MB DDR3 内存
25 GB HW Raid-10 硬盘容量
500 GB每月流量
1 x IPv4 Address (With rDNS)
$7 每年



Previous Plans:

LET Exclusive 特价机-1

4 vCPU Cores (Fair Share)
6 GB DDR3 内存
150 GB HW Raid-10 硬盘容量
5000 GB流量
3 x IPv4 Addresses (With rDNS)
$18 每季度($6每月)


LET Exclusive 特价机-2

4 vCPU Cores (Fair Share)
1 GB DDR3 内存(2GB When paid每季度)
1 GB SWAP (2GB When paid每季度)
50 GB HW Raid-10 硬盘容量
1000 GB流量
1 x IPv4 Address (With rDNS)
$4 每月 or $10 /Quarter




Atlanta, Georgia, 美国 – Looking Glass

Dallas, Texas, 美国 – Looking Glass

IP SWIP Is可用 as well, please create a ticket after order with either your ORG-ID or the organisation name you would like.

Additional IP addresses are $0.5每月 with valid justification; all our IP Addresses are direct allocations from ARIN.

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