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RamNode – OpenStack Cloud Promo! Get an Extra 35% Cloud Credit!

RamNode -  OpenStack Cloud Promo! Get an Extra 35% Cloud Credit!

RamNode – OpenStack Cloud 优惠信息!

They are excited to announce that OpenStack Cloud is now可用! You can 注册 through our newly redesigned website, add at least $5 in Cloud Credit,、log into the Cloud 控制面板 to launch a new instance!

Want to give their new cloud platform a try? Already using it、need to add a few more instances? Take advantage of this 限时 offer!

Get an extra 35% Cloud Credit!

How does it work?

注册, add at least $5 in Cloud Credit,、they will match it by 35%!

In other words, add $10、we will give you $3.50 in credit. Add $20、we give you $7. Add $100, you get $35, etc.

If you already have an account, add credit、open a ticket with subject CLOUD35.


  • Matching credit will be added within 24 hours.
  • Limited to one use per customer.
  • Does not apply for moving general account credit to cloud.
  • Only for Cloud (KVM, VDS) service. Does not apply for OpenVZ VPS.

What’s New?

There are several new features可用 through the Cloud 控制面板:

  • Image / ISO uploads
  • Snapshots / backups
  • Cloud-config with cloud-init user-data
  • Private networking
  • Security groups
  • OpenStack API

In addition to these features, cloud services are 按小时计费 with the option to prepay for cloud credit or pay for what you use with a credit card on file. Hourly prices are listed on website, as well as the prices for image storage、流量 overages.

=> Create Account

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