Namecheap – 虚拟主机 Promo 仅 $9.88每年

Namecheap – 虚拟主机 Promo 仅 $9.88每年

Namecheap 虚拟主机 is secure, fast、reliable. We know your website needs to be fast-loading、always accessible,、we work hard to provide a place where your site can flourish.

虚拟主机 Offer Plans:


Hosting costs less than a 域名! Get supercharged website hosting for under $10/首年、host 最高3 websites

  • 20 GB RAID防护
  • Unlimited流量
  • 最高3 websites
  • $9.88/year
  • Renewal price $38.88每年


Our most popular hosting service, including powered storage, unlimited流量、hosting for 最高10 websites

  • 50 GB RAID防护
  • Unlimited流量
  • 最高10 websites
  • $19.88每年
  • Renewal price $78.88每年


无限 hosting for power users. Ultimate hosting 提供 speed, reliability、no storage limits for the neediest of websites

  • 无限 GB RAID防护
  • Unlimited流量
  • 最高50 websites
  • $29.88/yr
  • Renewal price $129.88每年


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