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Alibaba Cloud – SSD 云服务器 提供 – India 数据中心 Launched (优惠30%)

Alibaba Cloud - SSD 云服务器 提供 - India 数据中心 Launched (优惠30%)

Alibaba Cloud – China’s largest public cloud service商家、the 4th largest worldwide.

As the cloud computing arm、a business unit of Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA), Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to help power、grow your business.

Alibaba Cloud 优惠信息

India 数据中心 Launched

Namaste India! Expand your boundaries today with 优惠30% ECS/RDS

  • 优惠30% all types of annual subscription ECS instances for India region. Max. 3 instances per each user.
  • 优惠信息Period: 1.23.2018. to 2.24.2018. This 优惠信息does not apply with other 优惠券s.
  • Users that pre-subscribed will receive 100GB Data 流量 (USD $9 优惠券, 1-month validity) after buying an annual subscription for ECS deployed in the India region. Limited to first 1,500 paid users.
  • New users can receive $300 in 免费credit after registering an account、test deployment of any India ECS instance (by每月 subscription). After the 免费trial period, users can buy annual subscription ECS deployed in India at a 30%折扣.

Promo Page: https://www.alibabacloud.com/campaign/indiaDC/launch

$300 New User 免费Credit

Receive $50 Elastic Computing credit、$250 credit for other products as shown below. Credit is valid for 60 days、automatically added to your account. You will not be charged unless your 免费credit is exceeded.  View details

Terms of New User 免费Credit

  • 1. This campaign applies to users who registered their first Alibaba Cloud account after 2017-05-18 17:00 (UTC+8).
  • 2. The $300 New User 免费Credit is divided into two parts:
    (1) One $50 Elastic Computing dedicated 免费credit. This credit can be used to purchase 云服务器 (ECS), Server Load Balancer,、Elastic IPs on intl.aliyun.com, applicable for Subscription、Pay-As-You-Go models. Please note: This credit cannot be used in conjunction with 特价机 offers, e.g. the Starter Packages.
    (2) One $250 non- Elastic Computing 免费credit. This credit can be used to purchase any combination of products or services listed below, applicable for both Subscription、Pay-As-You-Go models. The maximum 免费credit amount that can be used to purchase any one product is $250. Applicable products include: ApsaraDB for RDS, ApsaraDB for Redis, Object Storage Service, Table Store, Alibaba Cloud CDN, Data Transmission Service, E-MapReduce, Anti-DDoS Pro, Mobile Security, Web Application Firewall,、ApsaraVideo Live.
  • 3. The New User 免费Credit is valid for 最高60 days after registration, or until the credit has reached a balance of USD $0.
  • 4. After you have successfully added a verified payment method, Alibaba Cloud will automatically send the New User 免费Credit to your account, on condition that you qualify for this 优惠信息. Please add a payment method as soon as possible after registration.
  • 5. The New User 免费Credit works on a “deduction” basis, which applies to the agreements on our website. You will thus be charged any difference when your order fee exceeds your可用 免费credit amount.
  • 6. Resources purchased with the New User 免费Credit will NOT be automatically released after initial usage. You will need to manually release resources that you do not wish to continue using.
  • 7. PayPal is currently not supported for purchase of Pay-As-You-Go services. To get the most out of your New User 免费Credit, we recommend you set a credit card as your payment method.
  • 8. Each user has 仅 one chance to participate in this campaign. If an individual user has multiple accounts, 仅 one account is eligible to participate.
  • 9. Disclaimer:
    (1) Alibaba Cloud may adjust product configuration, prices、availability of products applicable for the New User 免费Credit according to business needs. Thus, users who join this campaign at different times may not experience the same access to products.
    (2) To guarantee fairness, Alibaba Cloud holds the right to disqualify users who engage in the following activities: malicious registration, usage of a stolen credit card, fraud, illegal activities, or other activities that conflict with our terms of service.
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