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Vultr Block Storage – Launch a 50GB Storage Instance 【免费】!

Vultr Block Storage - Launch a 50GB Storage Instance 【免费】!

Vultr Block Storage is currently可用 in our New Jersey Cloud Center. Vultr Block Storage is designed for 99.99999% availability. Each VBS is stored、replicated with 3 copies of the block device across a highly可用 cluster.

Vultr Block Storage is backed by high speed NVMe enterprise SSD providing 最高1200MB/sec of data throughput to your instance.

Vultr is proud to announce an exciting milestone – more than 2 Million 云服务器 have been deployed! Since launching just under 2 years ago more、more people have continued to choose Vultr、our 高性能 platform for their cloud infrastructure needs.

Vultr Block Storage Pricing

+ 100% SSD Disk
+ 仅 $0.10 per GB
+ 1 Block = 10GB SSD ($1每月)


How to get 50GB Storage Instance 【免费】! 

  1. Create a Vultr account. You can get 免费赠送$50 to try Vultr.com services for 60 days. 点击这里 to get 优惠券、create account.
  2. Sign in with your account -> Click Block Storage -> Add Block Storage


Note: Only available in New Jersey.


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