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Hostek – 20 Years Of ColdFusion Service – Get 优惠20% a year of ColdFusion VPS!

In fact, ColdFusion acts as a website server, a platform,、a scripting language, all at the same time. Developers can use a certified Java platform to work on the development process while securing the server simultaneously. Plus, in cyber security, no other language supersedes the authority that ColdFusion has enforced over the years.

When you use code 20yearscf you get 优惠20% a year of ColdFusion VPS!

ColdFusion VPS套餐

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Reliable ColdFusion Server Performance

  • ColdFusion Server Optimization
  • Dedicated ColdFusion Team
  • Included Upgrade防护 for ColdFusion new releases
  • Load Balancing & Geo-Failover
  • Save On Licensing Costs – CF Enterprise Pre-Installed
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