YourLastHost – 特价机 KVM VPS from $12.95每年 – 洛杉矶, Dallas, Jacksonville, & France

YourLastHost – 特价机 KVM VPS from $12.95每年 – 洛杉矶, Dallas, Jacksonville, & France

About YourLastHost

YourLastHost believes in combining reliability with affordability to create the perfect 虚拟主机 solution.

We believe that enterprise-level solutions should not be limited to just enterprises. Using open source solutions, YourLastHost provides enterprise-level reliability at an affordable price point.

The main philosophy behind YourLastHost is being proactive. We proactively monitor customer servers, accounts,、websites to ensure that the highest level of service is continuously being delivered. We believe that our proactive mentality has allowed YourLastHost to enjoy its considerable success.

We are computer geeks、Linux fanatics. Hosting your website would be our pleasure, so please feel 免费to reach out to us, even just to say hello.

A few of key features:

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • 90 day money back guarantee. (one of the longest in the industry!)
  • Proactive service status checking. (yes, really!)
  • Live chat help & support
  • Over 2 Years in business
  • 24/7 Support Live Chat、HelpDesk Support

NoteExisting Client 优惠信息– 72 Hours Only!

For the next 72 hours only they will add an additional 20% to credit balance added to your account greater than $50. This means if you add $50 your credit would be raised to $60、$100 would be raised to $120. This account credit would be automatically used to pay for any future renewal or upgrade invoices. Please note that the minimum credit requires greater than $50、maximum $100.

Adding funds to your account is simple:

  • 1) Log in to your account at
  • 2) You’ll then be able to choose the amount you wish to add、the payment method、will be taken to the chosen payment gateway.
  • 3) Please open a ticket after adding the funds to the billing department about the funds you have added、allow us to add the bonus accordingly.

Note this 优惠信息does come with a few basic terms:

  • If the funds are charged back or disputed the bonus will be lost、account will be suspended.
  • Account funds cannot be refunded or withdrawn.
  • Offer ends 23:00 PM PST on the 23rd Jan 2019

Features of VPS

+ Dual processors at 2.4+ GhZ
+ RAID-10 Disks
+ 即时开通
+ Plenty of OS choices (with custom OS supported,、purpose-built templates)
+ 4 Great位置 — Jacksonville, 洛杉矶, 达拉斯、France!
+ 免费VPS migrations — Switch between any of our great位置!
+ Tons of IPv4 Addresses可用
+ Snapshot backups
+ Voxility 500GBPS DDoS防护 (Jacksonville only)


Minimum Host Node Specifications:

– 2x Intel Xeon E5-2660 CPU (16x 3 GHz)
– 64GB 内存
– 6 x 1TB HDDs
– Hardware RAID-10
– 1Gbps Uplink


  • 256 MB 内存
  • 256 MB vSWAP(高速虚拟内存) (Linux only)
  • 15 GB RAID-10 Storage
  • 1.5 TB流量
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • Annual Pricing折扣: $12.95每年 (just $1.24/m)
  • 点此购买


  • 512 MB 内存
  • 512 MB vSWAP(高速虚拟内存) (Linux only)
  • 25 GB RAID-10 Storagek
  • 3 TB流量
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • Annual Pricing折扣: $23.95每年 (just $1.99/m)
  • 点此购买


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