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WebPlot – 无限 UK SSD 虚拟主机 仅 6.99英镑每年

They are offering  current clients 仅 UK Web 4 for the same price of UK Web 1, so you can get powerful 虚拟主机 for just 6.99英镑 每年 (with 永久折扣). However, there is 仅 10 of these offers可用 so move fast!

虚拟主机 Package Offer

UK Web 4

  • 无限 SSD Storage
  • 无限 流量
  • 无限 MySQL Databases
  • 50 Email Accounts
  • 32 域名
  • Dedicated IP
  • CPU Limit 200%
  • Memory 4GB
  • I/O 256MB/s
  • UK Based Servers
  • 点此购买

All this for just 6.99英镑 a month with 优惠券 “amawebplotcustomer”、please remember to select annual subscription at checkout for 优惠券 to work.

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