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Vultr 优惠信息、礼券 on 七月2022 –  免费赠送$153 限新客户

Vultr 优惠信息、礼券 on 三月2022 -  免费赠送$150 限新客户

Vultr is uniquely positioned with 15 datacenters strategically placed around the globe to bring our cloud close to major city centers around the world. The Vultr platform allows you to easily implement a cloud infrastructure with the click of a button.

Vultr has made it their priority to offer a standardized highly reliable 高性能 cloud compute environment in all of the cities we serve. Launching a 云服务器 environment in 15 cities around the globe has never been easier!

Vultr 礼券 on 七月2022

[HOT] Get 免费赠送$153 限新客户

This 优惠信息is可用 for a 限时, so act fast before it’s too late!

Go to Vultr 优惠信息page

Combined with “Get $3 when you connect Twitter to Vultr“, you get a total of 免费赠送$153

1. Get 免费赠送$103 限新客户

Register your account、receive 免费赠送$100 for 14 days.

Go to Vultr 优惠信息page

Combined with “Get $3 when you connect Twitter to Vultr“, you get a total of 免费赠送$103

Get 免费赠送$53 限新客户

Go to Vultr 优惠信息page

Combined with “Get $3 when you connect Twitter to Vultr“, you get a total of 免费赠送$53

2. High frequency compute product line with NVMe storage

Vultr are also excited to share the latest product in cloud lineup – high frequency compute! Powered by 3+ Ghz processors、blazing fast NVME storage, this newest plan is the highest performance hardware architecture Vultr has ever offered. High Frequency compute powers the most demanding workloads with storage、processing benchmarks that exceed standard compute by 最高40%! The small plan with 1 CPU 3+GHz/ 1GB RAM/ 32GB NVMe SSD/ 1TB 流量 最低 $6每月 or $0.009/时

Try Vultr 免费with GOVULTR 优惠码! 礼券 is 仅 valid for unfunded accounts. ($10 USD Credit 【免费】)

Go to Vultr 优惠信息page

3. Get 免费赠送$5 限新客户 to try Vultr Services

Click below links、register your account、receive 免费赠送$100 for 30 days.

4. 优惠60%  Vultr Bare Metal Instances

$100 In 免费Credit to Test Drive Vultr’s Instant Bare Metal. Now starting at just $120/mo for E3-1270v6 & 32GB RAM.  Open to existing、new customers apparently. Existing users need to contact support

Note: 优惠信息al credit may 仅 be applied to bare metal products. Credit is not applicable to VC2 or other services.

5. Match dollar for dollar 最高$100 of your Initial Funding

Go to Vultr 优惠信息page

Simply create an account at Vultr. When you fund your account we will match dollar for dollar 最高$100 of your Initial Funding.  => 详情

6. 50GB Block Storage 【免费】

=> 详情

7. Get $3 when you connect Twitter to Vultr

Just sign in to your Vultr account, click、you will receive an additional $3 from Vultr.

Vultr’s Cloud Services

+ 100% Intel Cores: Latest generation Intel CPUs guarantee consistent performance.
+ Infinite OS combinations: Deploy CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, FreeBSD, (and more!) or use our Upload ISO feature.
+ Root administrator access: Full “root” access、a dedicated IP address included with all VMs.
+ No long term contracts: Spin up、spin down with ease、pay 仅 for the hours you use our platform.
+ Powerful API: Integrate with our API to quickly spin up, destroy,、control your instances.
+ Feature-rich 控制面板: Many features are可用 with one-click: Restart, Reboot, Reinstall, Reimage, View Console、more!

Vultr’s Cloud位置

Vultr Compute is可用 in 15位置 worldwide, spanning North America, Europe, Asia、Australia.、best of all, getting your hosting infrastructure closer to your customer base does not require any long term contracts. So, what are you waiting for? Deploy servers on 4 continents with just a few clicks!



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4 years ago

Any info for current account?

It’s so long since vultr offer 优惠券 for current user.

khach san thanh hoa
3 years ago

Best 免费赠送$100, Very good

3 years ago

免费赠送$25 限新客户 not working. But 100$ 限新客户 on deposite is working.
thanks !

tarun toshniwal
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3 years ago


3 years ago

Thanks for the coupon.

3 years ago

Any offer for current users 2019年?

Lee Tea
2 years ago

thank for sharing

2 years ago

Vultr is the best, try it !

proxy premium top
2 years ago

i am using vultr over 2 years… best…

2 years ago

Thanks, just signup using 新客户. Can we created this coupun to create vps on any vultr location or there’s restriction on these?

dany pratmanto
2 years ago

thank for sharing

2 years ago

Thanks for your helpful sharing. I will start using vultr’s service、will have a review later

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优惠券 101
2 years ago

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2 years ago

thanks for vps bro hope you always update the code

2 years ago

Please write full guide of digital ocean nginx

làm bằng đại học
2 years ago

thanks for vps bro hope you always update the code

Facts Door
1 year ago

Thank you bro for update, its really very helpful for me.

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Woow nice…thanks for share

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1 year ago

nice information

Phan Trong Vu
Phan Trong Vu
1 year ago

Good 优惠券

Ravin kumar
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing nice information. I like your content.

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1 year ago

Vasa thank you for sharing this type of beautiful、amazing article.

1 year ago

Так а где сам код? Что вводить?

Francoise Dieudonne
1 year ago

i will try this one maybe its can work for me

1 year ago

Great information. Vultr is such a good hosting商家. I will try my next blog on this hosting with the coupon.

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1 year ago

Great information. Vultr is a good hosting商家. I will try my next blog with this hosting with 优惠券.

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