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Virtono Singapore Location is Up、Running – 优惠50% KVM 云服务器

Virtono provides reliable、affordable Website Hosting, 云服务器, Cloud VPS,、独服, Managed、Unmanaged.

Straight to the point, because there is no time to waste, they have launched Singapore. Singapore is a limited availability location so hurry up!

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Great offers

  1. Virtono’s KVM-based Cloud Virtual Servers come with dedicated resources、SSD storage in multiple 数据中心s worldwide with 30 GB SSD of storage, 1 vCPU, 1GB内存of memory, and 2TB of 流量, all for under 30 EUR 每年.Simple –  €29.95 / year.
  2. Get 50% OFF for the first month for any service on our website, starting with KVM2G,、get the right one for you! Use 优惠券 TRYIT50 at checkout.


  • IPv4:
  • IPv6:2a0e:1d80:15:000c:0000:0000:0000:0001


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