OVH 独服 十一月 2018 优惠券 & 优惠码 – 优惠50% Servers hosted in US Datacenter

OVH 独服 十一月 2018 优惠券 & 优惠码 – 优惠50% Servers hosted in US Datacenter

OVH 优惠券 & 优惠码

☆ Take advantage of our 特价机 offer on 独服 hosted in US datacenters

Use 优惠码: SUMMIT50

优惠信息applies to the first 12 months、then the price will be billed at the regular list price.

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☆ 节省 25% for 12 months on all Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

Use 优惠码: OVHCLOUD25

Don’t miss this 特价机 offer with a 30-day money back guarantee!

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☆ 优惠50% Game Servers for 3 months

Use 优惠码: GAME50

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☆ OVH Storage 独服(in France) first month free


This is可用 for FR accounts.

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OVH 特价机 Offers

☆ Limited offer! vRack 1 Gbps、NVMe SSD disk at the same price as the SATA

独服: EG-16

CPU:  Intel  Xeon E3-1230v6 – 4c/8t – 3.5GHz /3.9GHz
RAM:  16GB DDR4 ECC 2400MHz

Services included with your server

  • 500 GB of storage space
  • Service可用 in the data centre containing the server, or otherwise in the nearest data centre (location is specified when the service is activated)
  • 控制面板
  • API
  • Root access to the server
  • Access via the KVM/IP graphic console
  • Anti-DDoS Pro included

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☆ Starting now, you can enjoy a  $18 annual rebate for a 12-month commitment on VPS offers!

Enjoy 2x more storage on the #VPS SSD series …for the same price!

  • VPS SSD1 : 10 Go SSD 20 Go SSD
  • VPS SSD2 : 20 Go SSD 40 Go SSD
  • VPS SSD3 : 40 Go SSD 80 Go SSD

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☆ VPS price drop: Now $2.5 USD 每月 (was $5),永久 offer、commitment free!

100% SSD Virtual Private Server hosted in悉尼 or Singapore.

LIMITED STOCK可用: Secure yours before they sell out.

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VPS 优惠信息

+ OVH SSD VPS : 点击这里

+ OVH Cloud VPS: 点击这里


Datacenter悉尼 – Australia, NSW (Equinix SY2 (multiple room))
测试IPv4 :
测试IPv6 : 2402:1f00:8100:211::1
No LG for now in SYD.
Datacenter Singapore – Singapore (Telstra (PacNet))
测试IPv4 :
测试IPv6 : 2402:1f00:8000:261::1
No LG for now in SGP.

About OVH

OVH is a global Cloud商家, offering innovative products、services with a focus on private, public、hybrid cloud,、bare metal (独服).

Founded in 1999, the OVH group manages、maintains 27 datacentres across 4 continents, deploys its own global fibre optic network,、has a full control over the supply chain (from server manufacturing、in-house maintenance of its infrastructure, right down to customer support). OVH 提供 businesses a benchmark for value、performance in the sector.

Vultr SSD 云服务器商家

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6 Responses to “OVH 独服 十一月 2018 优惠券 & 优惠码 – 优惠50% Servers hosted in US Datacenter”

  1. Tommy says:

    Where is 优惠码 for OVH Dedi ?

    • admin says:

      Sorry! They have 优惠25% 优惠券. But it expired last month. So I removed it in my post.
      This is a 特价机 Dedi offer in Singapore.

  2. admin says:

    We updated new 提供 from OVH, start 四月 24, 2017

  3. fuzinnes says:

    Do you have an annual折扣 code for Canadian servers?

  4. John Wallace says:

    great post. All of our 独服 come with the powerful OVH anti-DDoS防护. Thanks for the post.


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