UpCloud.com – Get started with $25 in credits on 云服务器

UpCloud.com – Get started with $25 in credits on 云服务器

UpCloud is a 云服务器 company offering an 按小时计费 infrastructure-as-a-service. Currently, the company provides services from 数据中心s based in the UK, 美国, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore、Finland. Experience next generation, faster-than-SSD云服务器 with a 100% uptime SLA. Deploy in 45 seconds using the simple but powerful 控制面板, the Restful API or any software such as Ansible, Go or Python.

Get started with $25 in credits => https://www.upcloud.com/matrix/

Cloud Features

+ Deploy in 45 seconds: All 云服务器 are deployed with our MaxIOPS technology, allowing you to create、boot up new servers in just 45 seconds.

+ Linux、Windows support: Use one of the freely可用 templates, create your own from a backup or upload、boot from your own custom ISO. Your choice!

+ Snapshots、scheduled backups: Instantly create or schedule periodic backups. Using true snapshots, backups are created in a blink of an eye、can be restored just as quickly.

+ Server cloning: Easily setup a staging environment by cloning one of your 云服务器 or storage disks. Convert it into a template、automate your deployments.

+ 控制面板, developed in-house

+ Simple but powerful API:  Powerful API lets you manage everything that can be controlled in the 控制面板. Get started in minutes with one of open source libraries.

Cloud VPS Pricing

Resourcehour30 dayshour30 days
CPU core$0.0112$8.06$0.0124$8.93
Memory, per GB$0.0056$4.03$0.0136$9.79
Backups, per GB$0.000078$0.06$0.000078$0.06
Storage, per GB$0.00031$0.22$0.00031$0.22
Templates, per GB$0.00031$0.22$0.00031$0.22
1 Public IPv4-address$0.00336$2.42$0.00336$2.42


Deploy、流量 your 云服务器 between all 数据中心s

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 芝加哥, 美国
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • London, UK
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Singapore, Singapore

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4 Responses to “UpCloud.com – Get started with $25 in credits on 云服务器”

  1. Saviour says:

    use the below、get straight USD 50 as 免费credits in UpCloud.

  2. Another link for getting starting $25 to order your UpCloud VPS:

  3. JC says:

    Use this link to start with $25 in credit on 云服务器.


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