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PHP-Friends – vServer Schnupperspecial 2019 – 6 GB内存only $4每月

PHP-Friends - vServer Schnupperspecial 2019 - 6 GB内存only $4每月

PHP-Friends offer vServer Schnupperspecial 2019 SSD G2. This 优惠信息al product is only可用 for a few days、in small quantities. Being fast is worth it!

About PHP-Friends

We have been providing IT services since 2009、have years of hosting experience. Our company continues to evolve, resulting in consistent growth. While web development, system administration、enterprise hosting were our initial business in the early years, our portfolio was eventually supplemented with 虚拟主机、vServer. Our 提供 have become attractive for private customers as well、can be paid 免费of charge via various payment methods.

This offers:

  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2630 v3 / v4
  • Dedicated cores: 2 (including Nested Virtualization)
  • RAM: 6 GB内存(DDR4 ECC Reg.)
  • Storage: 65 GB SSD storage (RAID-10)
  • DDoS防护 ( learn more about DDoS防护 )
  • Network: 1 GBit / s connection
  • IPv4 addresses: 1 (rDNS 免费changeable)
  • IPv6: 64 subnet
  • Traffic: free
  • 4,00 € (including VAT) per month
  • Promo Link

vServer features

vServer with fast NVMe hard disks. Based on KVM, we offer you all the features of 独服, but can offer them much cheaper、additional functions.

  • Dedicated resources
  • 99.9% minimum availability
  • Latest brand hardware
  • NVMe SSDs
  • KVM full virtualization
  • DDoS防护


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