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Oracle Cloud 免费Tier – The “Always Free” services include Oracle Autonomous Database, Compute VMs, Object Storage + $300 in 免费credits.

Oracle Cloud 免费Tier - The

The 免费tier program has two components. In addition to the “always free” services, Oracle is introducing “Oracle Cloud 免费Tier” – a 免费trial program that provides users with $300 in credits for 30 days to try additional services、larger shapes.

New Always Free

The “always free” services include Oracle Autonomous Database, Compute VMs, Block Volumes, Object、Archive Storage、Load Balancer. More specifically, users get:

  • 2 Autonomous Databases (Autonomous Data Warehouse or Autonomous Transaction Processing), each with 1 OCPU、20 GB storage
  • 2 Compute VMs, each with 1/8 OCPU、1 GB memory
  • 2 Block Volumes, 100 GB total, with 最高5 免费backups
  • 10 GB Object Storage, 10 GB Archive Storage,、50,000每月 API requests
  • 1 Load Balancer, 10 Mbps 流量
  • 10 TB每月 Outbound Data 流量
  • 500 Million ingestion Datapoints、1 Billion Datapoints for Monitoring Service
  • 1 million Notification delivery options per month、1000 emails per month

30-day 免费Trial

US$300 in 免费credits.

  • Access to a wide range of Oracle Cloud services for 30 days, including Databases, Analytics, Compute,、Container Engine for Kubernetes
  • 最高eight instances across all可用 services
  • 最高5 TB of storage

The Always 免费services are可用 in all regions, to anyone — including those with paid accounts using Universal Credit pricing、new 免费Tier accounts.


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