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VPS.NET – 免费赠送$10 for SSD VPS in 22 global位置

VPS.NET - 免费赠送$10 for SSD VPS in 22 global位置


Launched 2009年 as part of the UK2Group, VPS.NET is a leading cloud services商家, offering 云服务器 to over 10,000 clients, in more than 180 different countries.

They provide 

SSD VPS Service

Built for speed, every SSD VPS Server comes with a big spec, superfast SSD Disks、a low price.

  • Super-fast SSD storage
  • Low price
  • 99.9% SLA
  • 最低 $5.00 per month

Cloud VPS Service

Protect your business from downtime

Designed for reliability. Every Cloud-VPS server is hosted on our self-healing cloud、backed by their 1,000% SLA

  • Self-healing Cloud
  • Deploy on demand
  • Enterprise-grade SAN
  • 最低 $15.00 per month

WordPress Cloud

Cloud reliability、pre-configured W3TC for optimized WordPress hosting performance.

  • 最高5 WordPress installs
  • 最高50GB 硬盘容量
  • Suitable for high-traffic websites
  • 最低 $20.00 per month


Celebrate Spring With A 特价机 Offer

Use Code SPRING50 for 优惠50% your first 3 months

Use code GIVEME10 for $10 credit

Fall is in the air. Use FALL50 to get 优惠50% your first 3 months of SSD VPS

Payment Information

They accept Credit Card & Paypal with 30 day money back


22 cloud datacenter位置 worldwide: https://www.vps.net/cloud-datacenter-locations

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