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[Independence Day 2021] 【汇总】Dedicated, VPS & 域名 优惠券!

[Independence Day 2021] 【汇总】Dedicated, VPS & 域名 优惠券!

Happy 4th of 七月 to celebrate Independence Day 2021, We’d like to collect every Dedicated, VPS & 域名 优惠信息可用 in this post.

Independence Day VPS Promos

☕ Virmach 夏季Sale – 特价机 Ryzen VPS Migrate 最低 $9每年

VirMach is back to let you know that the Ryzen servers they announced six months ago are finally going to be deployed very soon, sothey no longer feel guilty about posting another offer! Their servers with ColoCrossing have been going empty, so I am once again asking for your support in filling the lonely、deeply saddened Buffalo servers.

Receive an additional 优惠20% your first annual term.

=> [ Get Deal Here ]

☕ Hostodo – Independence Day Super Sale

NVMe KVM VPS 最低 $20每年 – 优惠30% extra

=> [ Get Deal Here ]

☕ VPSDime – 特价机 VPS Offer – 2vCPU, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD for $20每年

=> [ Get Deal Here ]

New Product Line! Grab your 4GB Windows Server 2019 VPS here for 仅 $7每月.

  • WIN4GB Specifications: 2 vCPU, 4GB Fully Dedicated Memory, 50GB Storage (Enterprise grade SSDs in RAID10), 2TB Traffic Limit, 1 Public IP Address, 2N Power Redundancy, Highly, Optimized Premium Network, 72 Hour Money Back Guarantee => 点此购买

☕ HostNamaste – 特价机 VPS Offer – KVM VPS at $24每年 in Dallas, Texas、Buffalo, 纽约, 美国

This independence day brings forth a new hope to make their tomorrows most beautiful、cherished. Wishing everyone a thrilled 4th of 七月 Happy Birthday, America. Love from India.

  • KVM-1024-VPS: 1G RAM, 1024GB 流量, 30GB Storage, 1 x CPU Core,1 x IPv4 Address, Complete Root/SSH Access, Multiple Operating Systems, KVM + SolusVM Panel Access, Dallas, Texas & Buffalo, 纽约, 美国, $24每年 => 点此购买

☕ IncogNET – 优惠50% all services – US/EU VPN/Shared + Finland VPS

Everything 优惠50%. All套餐/services. Was originally for “crypto month”、requiring crypto payment, but the same deal can be had with regular payments with 优惠券: 4THOF七月/a> at https://incognet.io

(4THOF七月/a> 优惠券 will work for the next 7 days)

☕ NexusBytes – Celebrating Independence Day “week” with an awesome FREEDOM offer!

Code: SweetFreedom
Expires: 七月4th, 11:59 PM EST

– VPS-1G、above
– Inter-4G、above
– Entry-4G、above.
– vDedi : Any.

  • Only one “SweetFreedom” code per account = 仅 1 “extended” credit.

=> [ 点此购买 ]

Independence Day 独服 Sales

☕ HostSailor – E3 独服 Offer in Bucharest, Romania 最低 $40.95每月!

Get an e3 独服 with 8GB of RAM, choice of SSD or HDD,、5TB of 流量 in Romania for 仅 $40.95每月!

=> [ Get Deal Here ]

☕ PloxHost – E3 独服 Offer only $39.99每月

  • E3 Server: Intel Xeon E3-1270 V2, 4c/8t @ 3.9 Ghz, 32GB DDR3, 250GB SSD, 10TB 流量 on a 1GBPS, /29 of IPV4 (5 Usable IPs) & /64 of IPV6 subnets => 点此购买

Looking Glass: https://lg.dal.plox.host/

Payment Information: PayPal, Stripe, Crypto

Independence Day 域名 Offers

☕ Namecheap – Happy Independence Day, America!

Celebrate by registering a .US 域名 for $2.98每年 (优惠54%)

=> [ Promo Link ]

☕ Celebrate Your Independence With An Epik 优惠信息

无限 $6.99 .com 流量、$7.99 for new registrations, $6.99 .org registrations,、$0.99 .co registrations all month long 仅 at Epik.com.

=> [ Promo Link ]

☕ Dynadot – 4th of 七月updates

  • Get a .COM 域名 for 仅 $6.99 from Dynadot! (NOW – 2021/07/31 23:59 UTC) => [Promo Link]
  • Get a .NET 域名 for 仅 $5.99 from Dynadot! (NOW – 7/31/21 23:59 UTC) => [Promo Link]
  • Get a .ORG 域名 for 仅 $8.99 from Dynadot! (NOW – 9/30/21 23:59 UTC) => [Promo Link]
  • Get a .BEST 域名 for 仅 $4.49 from Dynadot! (NOW – 12/31/21 23:59 UTC) => [Promo Link]
  • Get a .CLUB 域名 for 仅 $1.99 from Dynadot! => [Promo Link]
  • Celebrate this year’s with a .US flash sale from 七月1-7 23:59 UTC! => [Promo Link]

☕ Namesilo – Flash Sale for .CO 域名 names is now live!

  • Register yours at NameSilo for 仅 $1.99: namesilo.com This promo applies to 1st year registrations only!


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Cloud VPS 优惠信息

Cloud商家 优惠信息
DigitalOcean 免费$100 USD Credit 限新客户
Linode 免费$100 USD Credit 限新客户
Vultr 免费$103 USD Credit 限新客户

Top VPS Packages Deals

VPS商家 优惠信息
Virmach 年付 钜惠 SSD VPS 最低 $3每年
VPSDime 6GB RAM/ 30GB SSD VPS 仅 $7每月
Hostodo NVMe KVM VPS 最低 $20每年 – 优惠30% Extra
HostUS 高性能 Ryzen KVM VPS 最低 $24每年 in Singapore


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