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ServerHub – 优惠50% Dual E5s 独服 offer in Toronto 最低 $39.5每月

ServerHub! They’re bringing us a delightful 特价机 on a cheap 独服

独服, Dual E5-2630L (hexacore) with 32GB of RAM and 2x 500 HDD, 20TB 流量 for only $39.50每月 plus this is not a teaser rate, the折扣 is 永久 every month!

Please use 优惠券: TOR50OFF

特价机 独服

  • Dual E5-2630L (hexacore)
  • 32GB of RAM
  • 2×500 HDD
  • 20TB 流量 (upgradable to 50TB – see below)
  • $39.50每月
  • More折扣 are awaiting, meaning more savings :) we offer 5%, 10%, or 优惠15% for 3-month, 6-month,、annual payments, do the math、see how you can get Dual E5- 2630L as low as $33每月, in Toronto!
  • 点此购买

Some further details:

  • 优惠15% on annual payments.
  • 优惠10% on 6-month payments
  • 优惠5% on 3-month payments.
  • All折扣 are 永久
  • Upgrade to 50TB included 流量 for 仅 $19
  • Upgradable: RAM, Disk, 流量,、IPs
  • Port speed: 1Gbps
  • Amount of 流量 included: 20TB



  • Looking Glass: http://lg-toronto.serverhub.com/

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