VPS, 虚拟主机、域名 Offers

OWN.TN – 优惠55% on KVM Servers in Uruguay (Latin America)、Kazakhstan (Central Asia)

This gives you more than 优惠55% standard pricing、is only可用 for a 限时. 特价机位置 give you something you may wish to ‘own’、keep for a long time, with premium performance、reliability.

Accepted Payment Methods: Stripe (Credit/Debit Cards)、PayPal


  • Integrated 控制面板 in billing system
  • Use your favourite console: HTML5 VNC Console, xterm.js Serial or SPICE.
  • Power Management (shutdown, reboot, reset)
  • Automated OS installation、network configuration (via cloud-init images)
  • Virtual firewall (configure rules、policies)
  • Network interface、assigned IP viewer: access handy information
  • Performance monitor (track CPU, memory, disk IO、network usage)
  • Easily store, upload、install your custom ISO
  • Residential user type IPs, direct from local ISP
  • Router VRRP、802.3ad LACP NIC Bonding for redundancy
  • Powered by Dell Enterprise Hardware、Kingston Datacenter SSD drives
  • Hardware RAID 10 on hypervisor with 最高8x SSD drives for performance、redundancy

特价机 VPS套餐


  • CPU: 1x Intel Xeon
  • RAM: 3GB DDR4
  • SSD Storage: 20GB Hardware RAID 10
  • Data 流量: 500GB
  • Connectivity: 最高600Mbps*
  • Port: 1Gbps
  • Virtualisation: KVM
  • Location: Pando, Canelones in Uruguay (Latin America)
  • Your server is also powered by renewable energy!
  • Original Price: $24每月
  • Discounted price: $10每月 with 优惠券 HB5OWDK19
  • 点此购买 (enter 优惠码 during order)


  • CPU: 1x AMD EPYC
  • RAM: 3GB DDR4
  • SSD Storage: 20GB Hardware RAID 10
  • Data 流量: 3TB
  • Connectivity: 1Gbps
  • Virtualisation: KVM
  • Pavlodar in Northeastern Kazakhstan (Central Asia)
  • Original Price: $22每月
  • Discounted price: $10每月 with 优惠券 DAM1CMLET
  • 点此购买 (enter 优惠码 during order)


Uruguay: ANTEL TIER III 数据中心

  • We have direct connectivity to 欧洲via EllaLink submarine cable with latency as low as 135 ms to Spain.
  • Terrestrial routes for optimized latency within Latin America to Chile, Brazil、Argentina.
  • Direct submarine cable routes to Ashburn、 迈阿密 美国.
  • Optimised routes to Central America via Telecom Italia、Telefonica transit

Kazakhstan: Kazakhtelecom Pavlodar TIER III 数据中心

  • Optimised routes to CIS region (Central Asia, Russia etc).
  • 直连 to 香港 via PCCW、Level 3.
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