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iKoula Promo – 优惠50% 独服 – Atom Dedi 最低 €9每月 – Xeon Dedi 最低 €15每月

iKoula Promo - 优惠50% 独服 - Atom Dedi 最低 €9每月 - Xeon Dedi 最低 €15每月

About iKoula

Ikoula Net SAS provides web、cloud computing hosting services. its services include express hosting that provides packaged、flexible hosting solutions from 域名 names to dedicated physical、virtual servers可用 from an online store, enterprise services that provides tailor made hosting solutions provided with value added managed services,、EX10, a platform of Cloud collaborative solutions, designed for retailers、IT integrators. The company was founded in 1998、is based in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.

iKoula Datacenter

Ikoula is the owner of its DataCenter 1 750 m² in Reims that hosts more than 4,000 servers. Pioneer of green hosting, with over 4,000 enterprise customers、25% annual growth, Ikoula places innovation, simplicity、customer satisfaction at the heart of its solutions. We are also present in other two DataCenters in France, Telecity Courbevoie and TeleHouse in Paris. 详情

iKoula Promo

=> View All Promo Here: https://express.ikoula.com/en/dedicated-server#优惠信息

Synology Servers

– 流量 100Mbit/s Full duplex
– 无限 traffic
– Monitoring Station
– Backup
– Technical assistance 24/7 in France

Discounted 独服

– 流量 100Mbit/s Full duplex
– Non-binding offer, final price
– Technical assistance 24/7 in France


*优惠信息50 % OFF on the first subscription with 1 or 3 months of commitment. Validity of the offer until the May 31st 2017 11.59pm. The offer is not combinable with other 优惠信息.

(1)折扣 on renting of your 独服 according to the commitment period (excluding Plesk, OS, DB、other options): 1 year subscription = -5% / 2 years = -10% / 3 years = -15%.
(2) Possibility to increase the level of RAM.
(3) Possibility to increase the size of the disk (s) or to have a SSD/SAS RAID HARD alternative.
(4) 安装费 OFFERED in the case of a non-cumulative annual commitment with ongoing 优惠信息. Prices valid for the purchase、for the renewal of benefits.

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