HostDime SSL Sale! 节省 $10 Off New SSL Certificates、Renewals

HostDime SSL Sale! 节省 $10 Off New SSL Certificates、Renewals

All HostDime SSL Comodo Certificates, including 新客户、renewals, are $10 off for a 限时 only!

  • Essential SSL is currently $20
  • Wildcard SSL is currently $140
  • EV SSL is currently $290

HostDime’s Comodo SSL certificates start at just $20 for a 限时. These certificates include 域名 validated, quick issuance, 无限 re-issues, 30 day refund, $10,000 warranty, 99.3% browser compatibility,、128/256 bit Encyption. 点此购买

Everything You Need to Know about SSL

First of all, ask yourself “do I need an SSL certificate for my website?” I assume you do, since you are reading this right now. SSL certs are already starting to have an effect on e-commerce sites.

Websites have reported seeing this warning from their non-secure pages containing password or credit card input fields:

E-commerce websites without an authorized SSL certificate will be in jeopardy of having customers turn away from their online business.

Once you have decided if you need an SSL, there are different types to choose 最低.

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