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HostDime 优惠券 – 优惠15% Managed 独服 & Managed 云服务器

HostDime 优惠券 - 优惠15% Managed 独服 & Managed 云服务器

Founded in late 2001, HostDime is a privately owned、operated global 数据中心商家. HostDime 提供 managed 云服务器 services with fully supported amenities、web tools that have empowered global users to do more on the cloud with affordable cost in mind. HostDime is globally recognized as an established, reliable,、trustworthy 数据中心 company in the industry.

Hostdime 优惠券

To sweeten the deal, take an extra 优惠15% each、every month the price of your server when you enter the code migration15off at checkout. This is for new customers only,、the 限时 offer expires May 31, 2017.

HostDime Services

HostDime 提供 fully managed VPS、bare metal 独服, which means HostDime oversees the set up of your server, security, data 流量, management of preinstalled software, operating system、any troubleshooting along the way. Fully Managed Services are ideal for companies with limited IT staff, technical knowledge, or time可用 for server management. Their Managed 独服 packages allows you to tailor a customized server to meet your specific needs. With Colocation, you can host your hardware equipment in a world class enterprise 数据中心、network.

1. Managed VPS VPS

+ DDoS防护可用
+ Pure SSD、10Gbps fiber network
+ KVM 提供 real hardware virtualization to your platform meaning increased scalability, reliability,、customizability.
+ Their staff is可用 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Linux VPS Plans

Windows VPS套餐

2. Managed 独服

their robust line of Fully Managed 独服 提供 any client the best performance, stability,、reliability when coupled with our premium Tier1 network. Enjoy the peace of mind that their market leading team of support engineers is可用 to you 24/7/365 to assist with any issues that you may have, when you need them the most. Let HostDime manage your server, while you manage your business!

+ HostDime 提供 fully managed 独服 at unbeatable prices.
+ 免费cPanel License
+ Synapse Monitoring
+ HostDime is proud to offer premium hardware-based DDoS monitoring、mitigation backed by Arbor Networks

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HostDime’s Network: https://www.hostdime.com/facilities/our-network/

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dj bravo
dj bravo
2 years ago

Hi, I have a 域名 but don’t have hosting. So, I have decided to purchase the 虚拟主机 at HostDime.in. Then, I received a 优惠券 from saveplus.in、saved my money. Thanks.

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