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drServer.net 虚拟主机 提供 最低 $20每年 + $1 dollar for the first month

drServer.net 虚拟主机 提供 最低 $20每年 + $1 dollar for the first month

drServer.net back with cPanel-based offer. Why don’t you make a website today? In these hard times, where everyone is working remote – it is the perfect opportunity to get your idea/project online、meet with potential users or even your future customers.

Try the plan for just $1 dollar for the first month with code “ACQ7HDDGFAM2U“. (code is 仅 valid on每月 billing cycle)

About drServer.net

drServer started offering service around 十一月of 2013, so we are 7 years old now. We are a family-owned hosting company, ARIN Member、a RIPE LIR. The doctor is still here、still stronger than ever、can satisfy all your hosting needs. If the above packages do not seem to be what you need, just contact us、we will work something together.

=> VPS Offers: KVM VPS 提供 最低 $5每月

虚拟主机 Features

  • Quick 技术支持 – You won’t be waiting for hours to receive a reply to a single question.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – Don’t like it? Get your money back for your first order.
  • HIGH Clock CPU
  • ECC Registered RAM
  • Enterprise Sandisk OPTIMUS MAX SAS SSD Hard Drives – Delivering ultrafast I/O to get your applications loading with extreme speed
  • Hardware RAID-10 with BBU – For guaranteed data safety in case of disk failure
  • cPanel 控制面板 – The most popular 控制面板 on the market.
  • Web Server with HHVM support – Guaranteed to work faster than the usual LAMP stack
  • MariaDB (MySQL) – Faster than ordinary MySQL、compatible with it
  • Multiple PHP Versions – Not every app is updated to run on newest、greatest, so you get ability to choose.
  • JetBackup – Backup your website to a remote location 免费of charge.
  • Premium Softaculous Auto Installer – You can install your favourite scripts
  • MailChannels Email Relay – Prevent your emails from landing into SPAM
  • 免费Migration from your old host – On Request
  • and much much more, which we will leave for you to discover.



  • 硬盘容量: 5 GB
  • Price: 2.00$每月
  • Price(年付): 20.00$每年
  • 点此购买


  • 硬盘容量: 10 GB
  • Price: 4.00$每月
  • Price(年付): 40.00$每年
  • 点此购买


  • Disk Type: Enterprise SAS SSD
  • RAID: Hardware RAID 10 with BBU
  • Backup: Automated incremental
  • Network 流量: 1 TB
  • Bandwidth Type: Premium Multihomed
  • Network Pipe: 1 Gbps
  • Email Accounts:无限
  • Email relay limit: 300 / hr
  • FTP Accounts:无限
  • MySQL Databases:无限
  • NodeJS Support: Yes
  • Python Support: Yes
  • Ruby Support: Yes
  • Proxy: Nginx
  • HHVM Support: Yes
  • PHP Version: All major selectable
  • Analytics: Yes
  • 免费enterprise SSL: No
  • 免费域名 name / 域名 流量: No
  • Panel Type: cPanel
  • Auto Installer: Softaculous
  • Mail Relay: MailChannels
  • DC Location: 达拉斯 – TX – 美国

Payment Information

  • PayPal

Network  Information

Dallas, 美国

All network ports have DDoS防护. Our 流量 mix includes: Level 3, Cogent, Hurricane Electric, GTT, Telia, Equinix Peering, DECIX Peering, Private Peering.

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