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DataCamp – Save 最高50%! Learn R, Python & Data Science Online

DataCamp – they will be running a promo. New Year Flash Sale! Deals on Data Skills – 节省 50% on Learn Premium、Teams Subscriptions with DataCamp’s New Year Flash Sale

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DataCamp 四月Sale

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Build Data、AI Skills – 优惠50% Start today! Activate 优惠50% 无限 learning

  • Dates: 8th 四月(11:59am EST) – 18th 四月(23:59 EST)
  • Datacamp Flash Sale – 优惠50%
  • Start today. Activate 优惠50% 无限 learning.

What is DataCamp?

Learn the data skills you need online at your own pace—from non-coding essentials to data science、machine learning.

Build data skills online:

  • Learn how to code in the cloud
  • 410+ courses、career tracks in ChatGPT, data science, artificial intelligence, MLOps, Business Intelligence,、more
  • Forbes’ #1 ranked certification program


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