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Get .BLACKFRIDAY 域名 on Sale for $29.99 at Dynadot!

Get .BLACKFRIDAY 域名 on Sale for $29.99 at Dynadot!

Is it me or .BLACKFRIDAY comes earlier every year? Prep your promos early、let your customers instantly participate your .BLACKFRIDAY sale!

Make Everyday a Savings Event with .BLACKFRIDAY – On Sale $29.99

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黑色星期五 takes place the day after Thanksgiving、is known to be one of the biggest shopping days of the year. 2012年, the National Retail Federation reported that consumers spent more than $59 billion on 黑色星期五 alone, generating some of the highest sales revenues retailers see all year. Creating a custom .BLACKFRIDAY 域名 allows online retailers、brick、mortar shops to market 优惠信息, sales, store hours,、more for this popular shopping day. With high savings expectations from consumers, online audiences are looking for price reductions throughout various retailers、establishing a separate .BLACKFRIDAY 域名 can allow your customers to easily identify which products or services your business套餐 on promoting. Retailers from all around the world are encouraged to participate in the annual 黑色星期五 event、can further expose their markdowns with a .BLACKFRIDAY 域名, so register yours today!


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