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[Xmas 2017] VPS & 虚拟主机圣诞节 优惠信息List

[Xmas 2017] VPS & 虚拟主机圣诞节 优惠信息List

We’d like to collect every Xmas 2017 Offer可用 in this post. Merry圣诞节!

VPS Xmas 2017 Offers

☆  VirMach KVM Deals – 优惠60% KVM套餐 ( 10 Gbps uplink ) HOT

  • SSD1G (KVM) 仅 $28每年 with Linux OS
  • SSD1G (KVM) 仅 $36每年 with Windows OS

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☆  HostUS – HOLIDAY 2017 Deals – OpenVZ, KVM, SSL, IPv6、More! HOT

HostUS! They are offering a 特价机 basket of holiday cheer to celebrate圣诞节、the coming New Year!

=> Vew deals

Dediserve – Half price 2GB、4GB Dediservers for life

Half price 2GB、4GB Dediservers for life in any one of their 17位置 worldwide, 仅 applies to new services, not existing.

Expires 31st 十二月 get em while they’re hot! 🙂

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☆ HiFormance – Exclusive KVM VPS Offer 最低 $14每年

Exclusive KVM VPS Offer 最低 $14每年 – 4 US Location – DOUBLE CPU OR MEMORY ON 3 YEAR PREPAY

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☆  DeinServerHost圣诞节 Deals – Windows VPS & KVM VPS Deals

  • Windows VPS 1GB内存only 4,65 USD每月
  • KVM VPS 最低 2.17 USD 每月

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☆ CloudCone – 按小时计费 KVMs, 512M starting at $17.95每年

  • 512M Plan starting at $17.95每年
  • 1 GB、2 GB套餐 starting at $2.99每月

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☆ Virtono圣诞节 Deals – 35% lifetime折扣.

Use xmass2017 优惠券 at checkout、receive 25% lifetime折扣.

Use xmass35 优惠券 at checkout、receive 35% lifetime折扣.

This 优惠券 is可用 for all VPS and VDS services from www.virtono.com website, for the whole month of 十二月

☆ HostDare 优惠信息al圣诞节 Deals – 优惠30% OpenVZ VPS (NEW)

HostDare is running 优惠信息al 提供 in their premium CN2、中国联通 openvz套餐 during圣诞节 . Hope you will like these offers!

  • China VPS Promo from $17.50每年

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☆ LaunchVPS – 2 GB & 40 GB SSD LXC 特价机 (NEW)

  • 2 GB RAM/ 2 vCPU/ 40 GB SSD/ 2 TB 流量/ 500 Mbps Uplink/ 1 IPv4 & /64 IPv6/ rDNS Configuration in 控制面板
  • Price: $4.95 每月 or $40.95 每年 => Order here

☆ Secure Dragon Holiday 特价机! 100GB Storage NAT VPS for $15每年!

  • NAT100: 256MB RAM/ 256MB vSWAP(高速虚拟内存)/ 100GB 硬盘容量/ 1000GB 流量/ 1 vCPU Core (Fair Share)/ 1Gbps Port (Fair Share)/ 1 Shared IPv4 Address /64 IPv6 Block/ 30 Port Forwarding Rules/ Tampa, FL./ Wyvern 控制面板/ OpenVZ Virtualization
  • $15 每年! => 点此购买

☆ HostSailor – Christmas 50% 永久 (NEW)

  • Discounts: 优惠50% 永久 Using 优惠券: CHRISLET
  • Valid for 年付 orders 仅、for all VPS套餐
  • 点此购买

☆ LiteServer – Premium圣诞节 to New Year’s 特价机 || Lifetime 优惠30% on all VPSes!

For all VPS orders placed between now、Monday 01 一月2018 (00:00h CET) they have the following awesome 优惠券可用:

30% 永久! Lifetime! Upgradeble! discount on all our OpenVZ、KVM VPS套餐:
Use 优惠券: 30XMASBALLS

=> 点此购买

虚拟主机 Xmas 2017 Offers

☆ HostMantis – Get the best webhosting at 优惠80% 4 life!!!

Use 优惠券 XMAS2017 at checkout! => 点此购买

☆ Exabytes – SSD WordPress & 虚拟主机 最低 $12/ year

WordPress Hosting for As Low As $0.99 Only.
Create a website or blog @ $0.99 with Exabytes 虚拟主机!

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域名 Xmas 2017 Offers

☆ Exabytes – .COM 域名 for As Low As $3.99 Only!

Limited Availability, Grab Now!

  • Get the famous .COM address
  • FREE DNS Management

Cloud VPS 优惠信息

Cloud商家 优惠信息
DigitalOcean 免费$15 USD Credit on 十月2017 限新客户
Vultr 50GB Block Storage 【免费】
Linode 免费$20 USD Credit 限新客户

Top VPS Packages Deals

Hosting商家 优惠信息
Virmach 年付 钜惠 SSD VPS 最低 $3每年
VPSDime 6GB RAM/ 30GB SSD VPS 仅 $7每月
 HostSolutions.ro Offshore VPS 4 cores/ 4GB RAM/ 400GB HDD/ 40 USD 年付

☆ VPS.net –圣诞节 Advent Competition (4 gifts)

  • Samsung 49″ 4K HDR LED TV
  • Apple MacBook Air 13.3″, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM
  • Nintendo Switch with Super Mario Odyssey Game
  • Sonos Play: 1

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