VPSBit.com – 350GB 硬盘容量 香港 特价机 VPS 仅 $7每月

VPSBit.com – 350GB 硬盘容量 香港 特价机 VPS 仅 $7每月

VPSBiT.com is offer a limited stock 特价机 offer from 香港.

Product Information


  • Powered by XenServer virtualization technology.
  • All套餐 includes 1 IPv4 address as standard (additional IPs may be ordered on request).
  • 即时开通.
  • Instant remote reboots.
  • Remote OS reinstall.
  • Full root/admin access
  • Console access (virtual KVM)

512MB 特价机 Plan

  • 1vCPU (3GHz)
  • 512MB RAM
  • 350GB 硬盘容量
  • 1IPv4 Address
  • 3TB Data 流量 on 100Mbit Port
  • Server Location: 香港
  • $7 每月 (BitCoin/CarrotPay 仅 for our 特价机 Offer Server)
  • 点此购买


– No 直连 to中国. For中国, you may expect latency to be above 200ms. You can still expect low latency to 香港 (<10ms), Singapore (<30ms) and日本 (<50ms)、so on.

– No Refunds

– Server is unmanaged.

– Remember to select an OS that can be installed on 512MB RAM

– Paymnet By BitCoin (CarrotPay) only. Paypal / Credit Card will not be accepted.

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