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StableHost – Introducing a new 数据中心 location – Get 75% 虚拟主机 in Lithuania Location

Stablehost has officially launched a new 数据中心 location in Lithuania! They continue to deliver on the ability for their customers to host locally across the world. With the launch of their New Location they are celebrating with a 特价机 offer, 优惠75% our 虚拟主机套餐!

Use 优惠码:  LT75 for 优惠75% for 首年

The location of your server and/or website plays a large part in the speed your audience experiences.

Take advantage of our many位置, so you can serve your audience with quicker load times our new 数据中心, like all位置 we offer, is fully integrated with all the same resources、tools you need.

To choose Lithuania you need to first choose either the Starter or Pro 虚拟主机 Plan.

  1. Step One, registrar or 流量 your 域名
  2. Step Two, choose your hosting location
  3. Step Three, apply 优惠券  LT75 
  4. Step Four, enjoy our new 数据中心

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