StableHost – 50% 永久折扣 for all VPS套餐

StableHost – 50% 永久折扣 for all VPS套餐

From StableHost’s Twitter: They are now offering Amsterdam & Phoenix VPS nodes! Huge 特价机 going on right now – 50%折扣 for life…

优惠券 ( 优惠50% VPS)




StableHost VPS套餐 (1000 Mbit Network )

VZ 1GB: 1G RAM/ 1 Core CPU/ 40GB HDD/  2TB 流量/ $9.95/m -> 注册
VZ 2GB: 2G RAM/ 2 Cores CPU/ 60GB HDD/ 2 TB 流量/  $14.95/m -> 注册
VZ 4GB: 4G RAM/ 4 Cores CPU/ 100GB HDD/ 4 TB 流量/ $29.95/m -> 注册
VZ 8GB: 8192MB  RAM/ 6 Cores  CPU/ 200GB HDD/ 8 TB 流量/ $59.95/m -> 注册
VZ 16G: 16384MB RAM/ 8 Cores CPU/ 300GB HDD/16 TB 流量/ $119.95/m -> 注册

StableHost VPS Feature

  • They back up all of their VZ nodes nightly in case of a node crash.
  • They can manage your server for you at a small additional cost.
  • Full Virtualization: You have guaranteed CPU, memory、硬盘容量 allocations.
  • Multiple OS Choices
  • 99.9% 正常运行时间保证

With this 优惠券, 节省 优惠50% for life



  • Phoenix
  • Amsterdam


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