Servers Galore – 优惠50% Lifetime 虚拟主机 & KVM VPS in Melbourne,悉尼

Servers Galore – 优惠50% Lifetime 虚拟主机 & KVM VPS in Melbourne,悉尼

Servers Galore is fully Australian owned、operated providing high-quality services at competitive prices. They are offering 优惠50% all of our 虚拟主机、KVM VPS套餐 with a reoccurring lifetime 优惠信息!

Use code LES50、receive 优惠50% reoccurring on any of our 虚拟主机, KVM VPS or NVMe VPS套餐.


*Latest Intel CPUs
*Gigabit Connection
*无限 流量
*每日备份s – 14 Day Retention
*Ruby on Rails
*SSL Certificate Included
*24/7 Australian Support

=> Order: Value | Business | Elite悉尼 & Melbourne 虚拟主机套餐


All of Australian VPS nodes are located in Equinix SY3、Equinix ME1. No single node has a utilisation of more than 70% to ensure adequate performance per VPS. The latest Intel CPUs, 高性能 SSDs set up in a RAID array、enterprise grade hardware are standard with all nodes. Each node is connected via a Gigabit connection with multiple links to the internet to ensure reliability. Our Australian team monitors the network、nodes 24/7、react immediately to any issue that may occur. You are able to use a custom ISO on your KVM VPS by opening a support ticket with the desired ISO linked. If you want an Operating System we do not have in our library, you can request the specific Operating System via a support ticket、we will add it. Contact us for more information regarding custom KVM VPS plan requirements.


Melbourne NVMe VPS套餐

Your favourite Australian KVM VPS套餐 have just had an upgrade! With NVMe SSDs set up in a RAID array, you can expect next level disk speeds on your VPS. Our NVMe Nodes are housed in Equinix ME1. You are able to use a Custom ISO with all套餐、we can customise套餐 to fit your needs. With the latest Intel CPUs, NVMe SSDs, Gigabit Connection、our 24/7 Australian Support Team, our new NVMe Nodes are designed for performance.



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