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Scaleway introducing New ARMv8 High Core Variants

Scaleway introducing New ARMv8 High Core Variants

Scaleway glad to announce bigger, more powerful, variants of ARM64 lineup.

High Core Count Variants

New ARM64 variants provide an incredible amount of CPU power for users who need it. They have 4 new variants, with 最高64 cores and 128GB of DDR4 ECC RAM:





Cores 16 32 48 64
RAM 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB
SSD 400GB 600GB 800GB 1000GB
Bandwidth 500Mbit/s 500Mbit/s 1000Mbit/s 1000Mbit/s
Hourly price €0.07 €0.14 €0.28 €0.56
每月price €34.99 €69.99 €139.99 €279.99

These 云服务器 are backed by Cavium ThunderX SoCs, high end processors designed for the cloud, and DDR4 ECC memory. They come with up to 1 Gbit/s of internet 流量 with 无限 流量. There is no additional 流量 fee. As all their 云服务器, the new ARMv8 servers are billed by the hour.

New ARM64 lineup proves ARM SoCs are not tied IoT、Smartphones: ARM is a true alternative for the server market with solution for small、large workloads.

The servers are可用 now in Paris、Amsterdam!

+ BareMetal SSD 云服务器: 点击这里

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