RunAbove OVH launched a new lab Docker with Mesos Marathon – 免费managed Public Cloud instance

RunAbove OVH launched a new lab Docker with Mesos Marathon – 免费managed Public Cloud instance

Docker with Mesos Marathon

Docker is now a standard containerization solution. It uses multiple technologies, like control groupsnamespaces, to isolate your application.

Marathon is an Apache Mesos framework to run Docker containers. It provides a lot of features like framework high availibility through an active/passive system, constraints to ensure containers to be launched on different hosts or racks, application health checks,、many other things. You can manager your applications、containers using a web UI, allowing you to easily launch new containers, scale your applications,、more.

About RunAbove: 点击这里

Today, I received 优惠信息email from RunAbove OVH. This is the content of email:

We recently launched a new lab allowing you to launch stateless Docker containers on a dedicated Mesos cluster.

Description of the lab:
Deploy containers using the Marathon UI or through the Marathon REST API. Mesos is an Apache project ( used for managing the lifecycle of processes、Docker containers in a Mesos cluster.
Marathon ( is an Apache Mesos framework to deploy、manage Docker containers.

This lab will enable you to run stateless Docker containers based on the official Docker Hub registry, scale them up or down, run TCP/HTTP healthchecks to detect unhealthy containers, forward your application logs to our PaaS Logs,、send your container metrics (CPU, network, disk I/O、memory usage) to our PaaS Timeseries.

We’ll provide you with a 免费managed Public Cloud instance to power your dedicated Mesos cluster,、your own Marathon web UI, so that you can manage your containers.

Feel 免费to join us, as the lab is 100% free. We’d really appreciate your feedback!

+ Join the lab

I did join the lab and they gave me  some resources: 2x vCores 2.4GHz, 8 GB RAM.


Marathon – Dashboard


Marathon – Create new application


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