HostWithLinux – 1GB 内存 OpenVZ 香港 VPS 最低 $4每月, 2Gbps Network Port

HostWithLinux – 1GB 内存 OpenVZ 香港 VPS 最低 $4每月, 2Gbps Network Port

HostWithLinux’s premium VPS packages provide the perfect mix of quality、affordability perfect for individuals with a low budget、high expectations! Their VPS plans in 香港 have direct connectivity to中国, allowing for as low as 10ms ping times. Their 香港 location is also on a full 2Gbps network for fast speeds,、all incoming流量 is UNMETERED、free!

Uptime – 100% uptime is our top priority. They aim is to keep your VPS online、loading fast all the time.

Support – They offer a range of support options including email, ticket、live chat with out average support time being within one hour on a Monday to Friday.

Low Prices – They manage their own servers allowing us to provide you with excellent service at some of the best prices in the industry.

High Performance Servers – All their high performance Xeon servers with RAID run the latest, 最高date software versions. They also utilize full duplex 1Gbps or 2Gbps internet connections!

VPS Features

  • Full root access to install whatever you need
  • Dedicated 内存
  • Self Managed (support provided for minor issues)
  • Fast disk I/O (<200 MB/s)
  • High performance network
  • Low number of VPS’s per node
  • Wide range of operating system templates to choose from

香港 VPS Plans

HK 1GB OpenVZ VPS – $4 a month

  • 1024MB Guaranteed 内存
  • 30GB SSD Cached Disk
  • 1 High Performance Xeon CPU Core
  • 2TB Premium流量 @ 2Gbps
  • FREE, Unmetered Incoming流量
  • 1 IPv4 Address & 20 IPv6
  • SolusVM 控制面板
  • 香港 Datacenter
  • 点此购买 (售罄)

HK 2GB OpenVZ VPS – $5 a month

  • 2048MB Guaranteed 内存
  • 50GB SSD Cached Disk
  • 2 High Performance Xeon核CPU
  • 4TB Premium流量 @ 1Gbps
  • 1 IPv4 Address & 20 IPv6
  • SolusVM 控制面板
  • 香港 Datacenter
  • 点此购买  (售罄)


Extra IP’s are just $1 each, with justification.

香港 测试IPv4:
香港 Test File: 100MB

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2 Responses to “HostWithLinux – 1GB 内存 OpenVZ 香港 VPS 最低 $4每月, 2Gbps Network Port”

  1. HostWithLinux Poor Service says:

    I hosted a couple small websites with HostWithLinux . Each months they auto billed me via paypal subscription.

    After about 6 months I received a notice from google that my website isn’t可用.

    Turns out my paypal subscription was cancelled because of some technical glitch(probably by HostWithLinux themselves)、they DELETED my hosting account immediately.

    When I asked support for my backups they said backups were deleted with my account.


    HostWithLinux deleted my account, my websites、backups without any notice.

    Backup your websites every day because you won’t get them from HostWithLinux. Or better move to another hosting service.

    • Khudher says:

      Why not just stop saying lies?!

      I’ve been using Hostwithlinux services for a long time (US CP, UK CP, UK VPS, US VPS) all were really amazing products、top quality, I’ve NEVER lost any data on that service,、as i read from the owner, that you didn’t pay for your bill!

      HostwithLinux is a very good service, stop saying lies about them!



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