HostHatch Introducing NVMe based SSD VPS – Dedicated CPU from $15 每年 – Double Account Credit

HostHatch Introducing NVMe based SSD VPS – Dedicated CPU from $15 每年 – Double Account Credit

HostHatch – Let’s now move onto the new KVM servers. New servers on some of the fastest PCIe SSDs on the planet,、then multiplied their speed、reliability by putting them into RAID-10. NVMe SSDs + dedicated CPU + 2x the 内存 while keeping a similar pricing structure.

You can migrate to the new plans if you already have a SSD KVM VPS with us. Just send them a ticket,、they will start the process. It will cause a few minutes of downtime (depending on your disk size) for the migration.

NVMe Based VPS

The standard cloud VM. Powered by the world’s fastest NVMe SSDs. Dedicated CPU. Run any OS.

For any larger NVMe plans, you get 50% more 内存, if paying at least每季度.

优惠信息: HostHatch is now可用 in Oslo、Vienna. They will be doubling the credit that you add to your account between $25、$75 (i,e you get $150 for paying $75). This credit can 仅 be used in Oslo、Vienna、cannot be combined with any other 优惠信息.

The 优惠信息runs till the end of 16th 十月 EDT. 

To order, please login to, deposit the appropriate amount of funds by going to the billing page.

NVMe 提供 Plans

NVMe 0.5 GB

  • 1x 2.8 GHz CPU core (12.5% dedicated)
  • 0.5 GB 内存 (+ 256 MB 免费RAM)
  • 5 GB NVMe SSD (RAID-10)
  • 1 TB流量
  • $15 每年
  • 点此购买


  • 1x 2.8 GHz CPU core (25% dedicated)
  • 1 GB 内存 (+ 512 MB 免费RAM)
  • 10 GB NVMe SSD (RAID-10)
  • 2 TB流量
  • $30 每年
  • 点此购买


  • 1x 2.8 GHz CPU core (50% dedicated)
  • 2 GB 内存 (+ 1 GB 免费RAM)
  • 20 GB NVMe SSD (RAID-10)
  • 2 TB流量
  • $15 per quarter
  • 点此购买

Storage KVM 提供 Plans

KVM Storage 1500

  • 1 GB 内存
  • 1.5 TB RAID-50 disk
  • 4 TB流量
  • $18 per quarter
  • 点此购买

KVM Storage 750

  • 1 GB 内存
  • 750 GB RAID-50 disk
  • 2 TB流量
  • $35 每年
  • 点此购买

KVM storage 250

  • 512 MB 内存
  • 250 GB RAID-50 disk
  • 1 TB流量
  • $17 每年
  • 点此购买

Three of the new features are:

+ Private networking.可用 on all KVM servers (Storage VPS、NVMe VPS). 10 Gbps connections with jumbo frames enabled for the best performance.
+ Custom/User ISO. Run virtually any OS on your KVM server by uploading your own ISO、mounting it to your server, just like on bare-metal.
+ 2-factor authentication. Simply scan your QR code using your preferred two-factor application


* You must open a ticket within 24 hours after the service being ordered to get the 内存 upgrade. It is not possible to be added later. The 内存 will remain for the lifetime of service. The 内存 upgrade is not 流量able between services.
* A full CPU core is assigned to all plans. CPU is throttled to the dedicated limit if we see consistent high usage.
* A 免费Comodo PositiveSSL per IP address
* Voxility DDoS防护 can be ordered for $3 per IP address

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