Hawk Host – 优惠50% to celebrating 洛杉矶 Anniversary

Hawk Host – 优惠50% to celebrating 洛杉矶 Anniversary

Hawk Host – To celebrate launch anniversary they are hosting a 洛杉矶 location sale where you can receive a 50% 永久折扣 on any of shared, cloud 虚拟主机, semi-dedicated, or 分销型虚拟主机套餐 . Since it’s a 永久 优惠券 it will be applied for the life of your account so you can enjoy these savings for as long as your service is active. Check out the links、优惠券 below to setup your new hosting account today!

优惠券 Description
laxanniversary 50% 永久折扣 on 虚拟主机
sdlaxanniversary 50% 永久折扣 on Semi-独服
rlaxanniversary 50% 永久折扣 on 分销型虚拟主机

Please note the following terms/conditions apply to 洛杉矶 Anniversary sale:

  • These 优惠信息 are 仅 valid for our 洛杉矶 location
  • 优惠券 are valid 限新客户 placed before 11:59 PM EDT on Tuesday 九月8th *
  • 优惠券 can 仅 be used once per customer
  • Each 优惠券 is 仅 valid on the relevant type of hosting service specified
  • These 优惠信息 cannot be applied to existing services (upgrades, renewals, etc.)*
  • Unpaid orders will be terminated after 96 hours. Customers cannot order during the 优惠信息period、pay the invoice more than 96 hours after it’s generated to receive service.

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About Hawk Host

Hawk Host was founded 2004年、provides 虚拟主机, 分销型虚拟主机, semi-dedicated、virtual hosting in Dallas, 洛杉矶, Washington DC, Amsterdam NL, Singapore SG、香港中国. They leverage their extensive knowledge of 虚拟主机、software development to create reliable self sustaining solutions.


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