[Halloween 2017] – VPS & 虚拟主机 优惠信息List

[Halloween 2017] – VPS & 虚拟主机 优惠信息List

 My Custom Hosting | Canada KVM | PREMIUM DDoS防护 | IPv6 | E5’s | Happy Halloween!!! 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2X DEALS: Double your 内存, 硬盘容量, 流量 (bandwidth), or IPv4 address space. (Choose on signup.) (ONLY可用 WITH每月 SERVICES)

View Plans => https://yezhu.in/my-custom-hosting-canada-kvm-vps-best-price/

☆ Inception Hosting | NEW PURE NVME SSD – Automatic daily backups included  (NEW)

VZSSD-2048: 2 vCPU Cores (E3-1270v6) / 2048 MB 内存 (DDR4) / 1024 MB vSWAP(高速虚拟内存) / 15GB Disk (PURE NVME SSD – backed up daily) / 2000 GB流量 (DDOS防护) / 1 x IPv4 / 1 x /64 IPv6 Subnet / Price €20.00 p每年 with 优惠券 code: spoopy2017 => 点此购买 (10可用, UK Only.)

Aruba.it – 50% discount on everything

Using the HALLOWEEN17 code , you will get a 50% discount on everything , even on products already being promoted * .  Hurry up, the offer  expires on 十一月2nd !

=> Go to 优惠信息Page

StableHost’s Spooky Sale! Save 最高优惠80%

To celebrate Halloween, StableHost offering 无限 Pro plan, normally $95.40每年 for 仅 $20 for the 首年.
This 优惠信息is 仅 good for the first 100 clients, so don’t wait too long — it will go fast! Price will adjust during the checkout process.

=> Go to 优惠信息Page

Alpharack – Spooky Halloween Sale is on now! 

Snag one of these very 限时 promo offers, because once you do, the折扣ed price is locked in、your rates will never increase! Instantly receive your brand new service after your order has been placed, there’s no waiting around to start using your server.

Linux VPS

– Linux #1: 640 MB Dedicated 内存/ 15 GB RAID-10 硬盘容量/ 2000 GB Premium流量/ 1 Dedicated IP Address/ 100Mbps Up网口速率/ Instant Deployment/ $8.00每年 => 点此购买
– Linux #2: 
2,048 MB Dedicated 内存/ 40 GB RAID-10 硬盘容量/ 3,000 GB Premium流量/ 1 Dedicated IP Address/ 100Mbps Up网口速率/ Instant Deployment/ $18.00每年 => 点此购买


– SSD KVM VPS 特价机 – 1GB: RAM: 1G (1GB) DDR4/ SSD: 20GB RAID-10 SPEEDY SSD Storage / 每月Bandwidth: 2000GB w/ 100Mbps Uplink / CPU: 1 Core / IPv4 Space: 1 IPv4 /  Datacenter Location: 洛杉矶, California/ Price: $22.00每年 => 点此购买
– SSD KVM VPS 特价机 – 2GB: RAM: 2G (2GB) DDR4 / SSD: 30GB RAID-10 SPEEDY SSD Storage / 每月Bandwidth: 3000GB w/ 100Mbps Uplink / CPU: 2 Cores / IPv4 Space: 1 IPv4 / Datacenter Location: 洛杉矶, California/ Price: $29.00每年 => 点此购买
– SSD KVM VPS 特价机 – 4GB: RAM: 4G (4GB) DDR4 / SSD: 40GB RAID-10 SPEEDY SSD Storage / 每月Bandwidth: 5000GB w/ 1000Mbps Uplink  / CPU: 4 Cores / IPv4 Space: 1 IPv4 / Datacenter Location: 洛杉矶, California / Price: $7每月, or $50每年 => 点此购买

 Hostsailor – Halloween Crazy Deal 优惠50% everything 


优惠50% any server or hosting on their website. 点击这里

=> 特价机 VPS: 点击这里


Time4VPS is treating you so well、giving 优惠50% hosting packages, including: Standard VPS, Storage VPS, KVM Linux VPS,、KVM Windows VPS. Use 优惠码 HALLOWEEN and get even 优惠50%! The折扣 优惠券 can be applied on a 新客户 、仅 be used once.

+ Order OpenVZ VPS 最低 $0.99每月: 点击这里
+ Order KVM VPS: 点击这里
+ Order Storage VPS: 点击这里

☆ OnACloud.com.au – HALLOWEEN Specials! 优惠60% Australian VPS, 云服务器 & 域名.

HALLOWEEN Specials! Grab yourself a true Aussie Bargain with our Halloween Specials! Using 优惠券: SPOOKY17 => Go to 优惠信息Page

☆ NameSilo – $1 off 域名 优惠券

Use 优惠券 code: halloween1dollaroff to get $1 off 域名 registration. => Search 域名

+ All NameSilo 优惠券 Code: 点击这里

Cloud VPS 优惠信息

Cloud商家 优惠信息
DigitalOcean 免费$15 USD Credit on 十月2017 限新客户
Vultr 50GB Block Storage for Free
Linode 免费$20 USD Credit 限新客户
Dediserve 优惠40% Sale Offer 16 Global KVM Clouds

Top VPS Packages Deals

Hosting商家 优惠信息
Virmach 年付 钜惠 SSD VPS 最低 $3每年
VPSDime 6GB 内存/ 30GB SSD VPS 仅 $7每月
 HostSolutions.ro Offshore VPS 4 cores/ 4GB 内存/ 400GB HDD/ 40 USD 年付




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