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EUServ – 独服 特价机: cpu i7-8700, 64GB DDR4 RAM, 1 Gbit/s unmetered, 2x6TB SATA 仅 41€每月

EUServ - 独服 特价机: cpu i7-8700, 64GB DDR4 RAM, 1 Gbit/s unmetered, 2x6TB SATA 仅 41€每月

Today I received a email from EUserv with this offer:

独服 “Instant64 M v5”

The 独服 “Instant64 M v5” is equipped with an Intel Core i7-8700 processor、has 64GB of内存and two large 6TB SATA3 hard drives, which have been released for 24×7 operation. The root server is connected to the Cisco based EUserv network with 1Gbps 流量.

The server is ideal for any administrator as a platform for high-performance web projects, 虚拟主机, virtualization or as a game server.

=> 点此购买


  • Paid每月 &每月 Contract period: 95€
  • Paid每月 & Contract for 12 months: 53€
  • Paid 年付 & Contract for 12 months: 53€

Detail Features Server Plan “Instant64 M v5”


Processor (CPU) Intel Core i7-8700
(Coffee Lake)
Frequency 6x 3,2 Ghz, Turbo 4,6 Ghz, 12MB Cache
Virtualization Support yes
Architecture 64Bit, 6-Core+ HT
Harddisk 2x 6000 GB
Harddisk Type SATA3
RAID Softraid 0/1
Network Card 1x 1 Gbit

Network + Traffic

Network connection connection speed to a dedicated switchport 1x 1 Gbit/s
Bandwidth unmetered ¹
¹: All traffic usage is included、without further charge (flat fee). We do not cap connection speed. This means server has 无限 / unmetered 流量.


diskless remote Rescue-System 24×7 SSH access without booting from harddisk yes
Remote Reboot reboot server 24×7 via customer 控制面板 yes
免费Reinstall reinstall server 24×7 via customer 控制面板 yes
免费OS-Change change operating system via customer 控制面板 yes
Reverse DNS personalize Reverse DNS-entries of IP-addresses yes
FTP-Backup network storage for backups 100 GB
graphical 流量 Utilization MRTG graphs yes
IPv4-Addresses 免费of charge 1
additional IPv4 1 EUR per IP / mo yes, optional 最高49
IPv6-Addresses 免费of charge 1
additional IPv6 1 EUR per IP / mo yes, optional 最高49
IPv6-netblocks 免费of charge 1x /64
additional IPv6-Subnets
Postinstall scripts run own shell-scripts after installation of the server yes
Live Monitoring System* live health monitoring of the server yes
Failover-IP use IP-address on more than one server
*) LMS is still under development、comes in a customer-usable beta status.

Service Level + Guarantee

Hardware lifetime server replacement free
Network SLA Network availability p.a. 99,90%

Operating Systems

Linux Linux based OS free*
BSD FreeBSD / OpenBSD free
Windows Windows Server
2008R2 / 2012 / 2012R2 / 2016 (self installed via KVM-over-IP, no support)
add your own licence
Own Windows Server licence Install your own purchased Windows Server licence yes
*) Additional licences may needed for full usage depending on selected OS or Admin-Panel.

Help + Support

Community support 免费forum membership yes
Documentation via EUserv wiki yes
FAQ via EUserv FAQ system yes
24×7 Email support Queue based Ticket System yes
Phone support Support via English、German speaking inhouse staff during business hours yes

About EUserv

After a long preparation time the hosting – brand “EUserv”was founded in 一月2005. Euserv operates as a web host of dedicated root servers, webspace、域名 budget-conscious users. Meanwhile, EUserv also 提供 独服、high availability services for professionals.

The company is one of three business areas of the ISPpro Internet KG from the technology region of Jena in Thuringia. The successful、experienced Internet Service商家 is trusted since 1998 from tens of thousands customers due to its powerful、innovative service offerings.

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