[Easter 2021] Noze.de – 优惠50% on all VPS

[Easter 2021] Noze.de – 优惠50% on all VPS

Only until 四月10th, 2021

Easter 优惠信息with 50% on all VPS in the first month is 仅 valid for a few days. So strike before it’s too late!  You can find all information about our products as well as all prices at noze.de

Noez.de has been selling hosting、web solutions for over 8 years. From the start, prepaid was the top priority. You can rent all of our products risk-free, as you don’t have to worry about notice periods、contract terms.

Servers with affordable prices can convince just as well as servers with state-of-the-art hardware、trained technicians in the background. They do both for you. They calculate fair prices for you with the best hardware in premium 数据中心s in Frankfurt am Main.

With their 独服 (also called 独服) you get servers that run entirely on your own hardware. So a very own server, just for you. Own RAM, own CPU, own connection. This is exactly the right thing for high-performance applications.

Their virtual servers are suitable for smaller applications or for those who always want to be flexible. They offer various types of virtualization. On the one hand LXC virtualization: You get a vServer with a Linux kernel, which is specified by the host machine, so you can 仅 use Linux operating systems to install. If you need the full power of a server, our KVM servers are suitable with their own kernel、even the possibility of their own .iso files via our web interface upload.

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